GUEST POST – Summary of April 26 FCSB Meeting: The Human Evolution of the Birdmen

Editor: Author will remain anonymous to protect his or her identity. For your convenience, embedded videos are set at the start time for their referenced speech.

The April 26 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) was highlighted by many diverse speakers and topics, with the most astonishing one being the confession of a parent thanking the FCSB and FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) for secretly helping to “sexually transition” his child (while appearing to exploit other children in the classrooms without notification and consent of the other parents).  Just stunning and reprehensible of the school system.

Unfortunately, this dark and sinister revelation overshadowed the introduction of a great idea by a parent for FCPS to start to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs to meet the needs of its diverse communities (aka, Choice in FLE), and require Opt-In and Informed Consent by all parents.  The entire school board meeting can be watched HERE.

Parent of Transgender [Student] Confesses that FCPS Secretly Helped to Transition his Child

One of the speakers at the school board meeting was a man who claimed FCPS secretly helped to transition his confused child in the public schools (and may have subjected and exploited other students in the classrooms to false science, privacy violations, and sexual harassment by the school system without the knowledge or consent of other parents). The stunning revelations can be watched in its entirety here:   

According to this parent and school system, it is perfectly acceptable if other parents do not know what it is going on in the schools with their children and how they are being experimented on, exploited, and potentially harmed.   

He then listed a couple of kooky school districts in the US that are now experimenting in promoting transgender ideology in the schools including violating everyone else’s civil liberties and forcing of shared facilities for dressing, as well as requiring everyone to call psychologically confused people by their preferred opposite sex name.   So now experimenting on all the children in the school system (including the healthy ones) is a good idea, even though accommodating the sexually confused has virtually never occurred in all of human history?

This same parent then praised the FCSB for creating a new Ombudsmen to enforce the Students Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) to ensure there is no discrimination in the FCPS (even though an FOIA found there were no reports ever of any harassment of transgenders in the FCPS).  One wonders if working parents can contact the Ombudsmen to register complaints against school board members and school officials for harassing and discriminating against their children in the public schools with their non-stop harmful and misleading sex agenda and activities.

FCSB Pushing Fake Science by Promoting the Equivalence of Birdmen

While the confused parent proudly touted his confused child, a rocket scientist named Fred spoke at the school board meeting and told the story of a man who thought he was a bird with feathers and wanted to fly from building to building despite having the DNA of a man:

Fred said that this is no different than the current transgender movement of where a man denies his human biology and DNA in order to claim he is a woman, and in the process demonstrating that their mind is in error.

He next doubled down on a previous claim he made that the drugs currently being given to help “transition males into females” has actually been found to cause dementia in the long-term.  So why is the school board and system trying to promote dementia in children?

He then harshly criticized the school board for trying to accommodate the beliefs of confused people, and blocking them from receiving the real help they need to come to grips with reality.  He also mocked the school board for promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), while also now promoting junk-science in their policies and curriculum (where they deem “Biology is Meaningless,” “Sex is assigned at birth,”  and if it feels good, then do it).

School Board Also Now Trying to Hide the Harms of Abortion in Sex Ed Program

A mother named Monique spoke and cited a sad and emotional letter by another woman who regrets having an abortion and became so depressed from knowing the truth about her abortion that she devolved into drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity (to desperately try to find approval through sex) in trying to “numb the pain.”

She then stated if the health, safety, and well-being of students are of paramount importance then why is the school board and their representatives on the FLECAC (aka, Sex Ed Committee) trying to remove and omit information on the harms and dangers of abortion and force teenagers into making uninformed and bad decisions?  Her speech can be watched here:

The Billion Dollar Sex Industrial Complex has Tentacles on the Student Body

A mother named Andrea spoke and criticized the school board for pushing the desires of the tiny population of transgender students over the needs and well-being of the rest of the student population.  She said the school board shamelessly does this to further their sexual ideology and to further the profits of the sex industrial complex:

This includes spending billions of dollars annually for health educators (new classes, materials, training and certifications), big pharma (transition drugs, surgeries, and STD drugs), pornography (magazines and on-line), and sex products and services (recreation, prostitution, sex trafficking), etc., etc.  She highlighted that the schools are now advocating in their FLE (Sex Ed) that students take the drug PrEP which is claimed to reduce the risks from harmful STDs, so as to encourage students to engage in all the high-risk anal sex they want.   What the school board does not tell anyone is that PrEP is currently a billion dollar industry (run by GILEAD), and heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

The Need to Offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) Programs in FCPS

A mother of three named Laura gave a great speech on the need to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs in FCPS so as to provide Choice and ensure Informed Consent:

She said that right now the “progressives” want to have a Sex Ed Program that uses a risk reduction model that embraces their “free spirit,” and while the social conservatives want a risk avoidance model that promotes self-restraint.  She said that the school system prides itself in promoting diversity, while in their FLE (Sex Ed) program they go directly against the needs of the majority of the parents in the county comprised of Muslim Americans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and others.

Rather than have these groups constantly battle each other, the simple solution she said is to just offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs and provide “Choice in FLE.”  Several alternatives could be as simple as just offering the FLE (Sex Ed) program already provided by the State of Virginia, as the FCPS currently creates an expensive and expansive customized Cadillac program now up to 80 hours.  Other Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs exist throughout the US and can be brought in at a minimal cost and implemented as “commercial off the shelf” programs to meet the diverse needs of the population.

Lastly, she said that regardless of FLE (Sex Ed) program offered by FCPS, the school system needs to ensure that there is greater transparency and effort to guarantee informed consent so that parents and students are not exploited by the sex ideologues of others.  Making OPT IN a mandatory requirement for FLE programs would help ensure informed consent.

Busing Students Across Town to Promote Political Correctness

A mother named Valarie complained to the school board about the Rolling Valley Split Feed program:

She said besides wasting student’s and parent’s time and increasing risks to traffic accidents and dividing cohesive communities, she said it makes little to no sense as it increases transportation costs.

She also pointed out the inherent unfairness that parents are now forced to bus their children to other school districts which the parents cannot even vote on to represent them. Lastly, she pointed out that this impacts only 5% of the students, so it is only having a nominal effect in the school system achieving their goals of political correctness.   

Computers are No Substitute for a Good Teacher

A mother named Fabiola spoke on the harms of computer technology, when it is used extensively to teach students.  She said that studies have shown long-term negative effects upon student’s reading and math skill sets due to increased reliance on using computers as a means of education.  Even the NEA says that best way to improve math and reading skills is by increasing class size and investing in teacher skill developments.   Some of the side effects from relying on computers include obesity and decreased social interaction and communication skills.

She said it was disturbing to learn that the FCSB has no coherent plan to regulate or guide individual  schools in the county, leaving great variance in the deployment of computers in the schools.  She said she welcomes their good intentions, but asks that they consider the harm of their actions, as well.

FCPS Still Wasting Millions of Dollars on Sole Source Contracts

A father named John spoke at on FCPS contracting practices and auditing practices.  He first praised them for their renewed effort to reduce the number of sole source contracts.  However, he disagrees strongly with the current FCSB Audit Committee that summarily dismissed the 25 recommendations from three years ago to improve the contracting practices.

He then pointed out that it is a universally held position that Sole Source contracts should be used on an exception basis, yet he was stunned that it is buried deep in the FCPS audit reports, when it is such a fundamental principle to effectively managing such types of contracts.

Maybe Less Sex Ed Classes and More Recess Time?

Lastly, for a fun and light hearted movement watch the children give a video advocating more time for recess:

Maybe FCPS can reduce the 80 hours of Sex Ed classes in FCPS and give the kids more recess time on the play grounds.


Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives, clergy, and other community members about the avalanche of harmful activities and materials in the Fairfax County Public Schools.

It is estimated that 95% of the public does not know what is going on, as many of these harmful activities and materials are being hidden from the public.

Please call and email the out of control school board members and provide constructive public feedback.

Fairfax County Public School Superintendent is Dr. Scott Brabrand at

Or email the entire school board and school superintendent with your public feedback:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday May 10 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  The controversial changes in the FLE (Sex Ed) program will be reported on and voted on to approve (i.e., Sex Assigned at Birth, Biology is Meaningless) at the May 10th FCSB Meeting. Speakers and videos are welcomed and encouraged.  The signup to speak starts at 6am Monday May 7 at

In which an LGBT activist exposes his true motivations


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.04.57 PM

Good grief.

You’re not supposed to be this open and forthright about the fact that you want 14 year old boys to be taking untested drugs in order to have ‘anal sex’ (a misnomer, let’s just call it what it is: sodomy) with HIV-infected men. Because pretty much all the HIV entering the < 18 year old male group comes from adult men who have sex with men. That’s why it’s teen boys (especially black boys) who have the highest HIV rates of any other teen category, including girls.

It is ILLEGAL for ANYONE to have sex with (or sodomize) 14 year old boys in the state of Virginia. Many high school freshmen (9th graders) are 14 years old. It is illegal in the state of Virginia for anyone over the age of 18 to sleep with anyone under the age of 18.

Do you not realize that your preferred FLE program is normalizing anal sex (sodomy) and grooming boys to ‘consent’ to having illegal sexual activity with HIV-infected men? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

My mind is blown that this man is still a teacher in the public school system. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!

As for the ‘sex assigned at birth’ ideological terminology, you admitted that it’s not a scientifically accurate statement. “Don’t worry, folks, they aren’t teaching this in biology class.” What do you take us for, man?



More Propaganda from Equality Loudoun

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.13.46 AM

Everything about this story bugs me. And the fact that Equality Loudoun is trying to use it as “evidence” that the Loudoun County School Board needs to recognize SOGI (sexual orientation, gender identity) as protected classes was no surprise. Never let a #hatecrime go to waste.

Michael Hill was a Kansas high school art teacher, married for 25 years and father of two sons, when he decided to announce to the world that he is gay on October 11, 2017. He chose this day because it was National Come Out Day. It’s not clear if this was also the day his wife found out, but I suspect that it happened on that day or shortly before.

Subsequent media coverage of this teacher NEVER mentions his wife, who he told he wanted to divorce. It is as if she became a nonperson in this entire sordid affair.

On November 25, 2017, his wife wrote about the stressful situation on her blog.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.56.44 AM

How devastating, especially considering Mr. Hill had posted this photo to his Facebook page less than 4 months before his “I’m gay!” announcement.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.52.42 AM

He made a total spectacle of his family, and especially his wife. But the school system that he worked for never discriminated against him. (Remember this for later.)

In January, Hill took a leave of absence and headed to Palm Springs to get ready for his new life in California. In February he made his official move, attributing the reason for the move to some “small-minded bigots,” and it wasn’t long before he started posting photos of himself on Facebook spending time with other gay men, including one who appears to be a romantic partner. He seemed to move on with his life, and his ex-wife was moving on with hers.

And then, on April 17th, Mr. Hill decided to publicly post photos of letters he says he had received from an anonymous person calling himself “A Concerned Patron.” A patron of what is never actually explained in the letters. Police were notified but they were never able to discover the source of the letters.

Hill said his move to Palm Springs was a “huge leap of faith.” I’m calling b.s. on that one. He had gone there weeks in advance to prepare for his move. Of course, he had received tons of support on Facebook, letting him know how absolutely BRAAAAVE he was for “coming out”–how strong he is and wonderful and every compliment under the sun. The wife went unmentioned, of course. Who cares about her when there is such a brave man to praise?

It didn’t take 48 hours for news media to catch wind of the story and report on Mr. Hill’s account of being a target of harassment ever since he had announced his homosexuality (and left his wife, but of course that wasn’t consequential enough to merit mention in the news coverage. She’s just an abandoned woman. Nobody cares about them.)

Needless to say, his post with the three letters went viral, and Equality Virginia leapt on it as one more way to push their SOGI agenda. Never mind that Mr. Hill was never discriminated against by his employer (the school system). Never mind that a SOGI anti-discrimination policy does not prevent an anonymous citizen from sending hateful letters. Never mind that those letters constituted a crime under Kansas state law and the sender would have been prosecuted if he had ever been identified. No, we have to push push push for the protection of teachers’ expressions of their sexual feelings in school. It’s for the kids…or something.

RELATED: LGBT Activism Handout




FLECAC: Building Future Progressive Voters One FLE Class at a Time

Well, it was made quite clear to me what the FLECAC members’ true goals are: undermining the parent-child relationship and grooming kids to vote for progressive politicians. That’s why they want to use politically correct ideological language and to avoid talking about the risks associated with PrEP and the realities about abortion.

See if you can catch the little stab at parents in this one:

Parents think they know best, heh heh

Good grief, lady. Could you be any more obvious? We get it–you think parents are stupid and don’t know what’s best for their kids like you do.

Homosexuality is not a phase.

Alex, when it comes to kids, almost everything is a phase. Sexuality can be rather flexible throughout a lifetime, and during puberty it most certainly can be fluid for many teenagers. And don’t get me started on “gender identity.” You can’t sit there and tell me biological sex is essentially meaningless and squishy whereas gender identity is determinant of one’s “true sex” and immutable. Come on, lady.

And I just love how you try to minimize de-transitioning. If someone’s sexuality changes over time–okay, no biggie. But if someone has permanently altered the shape of their body and their fertility due to transition treatments, you can’t just fix that when they hit their mid-20s and go “OH NO! WHAT DID I DO?!” Yes, this happens, and it especially happens to young women…after they’ve done terrible and permanent things to their bodies.

To say that it’s a phase dehumanizes people who are trans, and dehumanizes the lived reality for many, many trans folks…

No it doesn’t, especially if we’re talking about young people. And do you really want to talk about reality?

You know what’s truly dehumanizing, Alex? How you seemingly consider humans in the womb–that pesky female organ that you are training girls to believe is something hostile to be combatted–to be nothing more than teratomas. When you dehumanize the offspring, you dehumanize the mother.

The discussion continued and another woman spoke:

When you tell children to go talk to their clergy–I think when you put religion in there, it is a judgment.

The lady representing the faith community was like wut?!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.18.06 PM

Later, a motion was put forward by Alex Dixon who does not want girls to understand the risks of abortion. Thankfully, her motion to remove the language about physical and mental health risks failed.

In the discussion after Laura’s excellent speech about biological sex vs. “sex assigned at birth,” two people revealed that scientific and medical accuracy have no place in any lesson where it pertains to gender identity.

So, there you have it–progressive FLECAC members believe curriculum should be centered around the students who are transgender, having sex, engaging in risky behavior with HIV positive men, and/or already had an abortion to the detriment of the kids who remain relatively innocent (or at least had been before the oh-so-informative FLE class). Can’t speak the truth–it might shame. Can’t talk about biology–it might shame. Can’t discuss the realities of abortion–it might shame.

Parents, opt your kids out of this crap. These people are nuts.

The Ministry of Truth Rules: We’re All Just Potato Head People

Bear with me, friends, I have hours of video to go through and edit. I’ll git r done, I promise. In the meantime, here’s my assessment of the latest Ministry of Truth meeting (Fairfax County FLECAC, 12 Apr 2018).

So, the meeting was a little boring at times. (Scroll to the bottom or click HERE if you want to see Laura Murphy’s excellent not-boring speech.) This voting member–who made sure to vote in lockstep with Lawyer Dan and his (read: Robert Rigby’s) agenda pretty much every time–put on the Caps hockey game:


I almost didn’t blame him for it. But since he’s a gender ideologue drone who wants to brainwash children with lies, I decided to call him out.


Come on, man. These are kids’ MINDS we are talking about here. Can’t you pay attention for an hour or two?

And look, we get it, Lawyer Dan. You really like the idea of kids having sex and you want to make sure the school system normalizes kids having sex. You made it quite clear at the last meeting.

And, no, Alex, there is no such thing as a healthy relationship between kids that involves sex. And I say that as someone who as a teen did have sex while in a monogamous long-term relationship and did not experience dating violence in high school.

What we do with our bodies MATTERS. It not only affects us physically, but there are always emotional and psychological consequences (neuroplasticity, remember?), and especially when we are still in the throes of puberty—a complicated and confusing time thanks to hormones and continued brain development. Kids are not small adults.

Physical, emotional and psychological consequences can also result from having an abortion. Stop invalidating the experiences of so many women post-abortion who struggle with it, sometimes visibly and sometimes in unseen ways. Lying to women about what an abortion is, in order to make them feel better about it, is wrong. That’s not a teratoma growing inside her womb, Alex. That’s her offspring.

Oh, before I forget, they want to teach 14 year olds about PrEP–drugs that have not been tested on kids–so that they can engage in things like anal sex with HIV-infected men and only have an 8% chance of contracting the virus. When Laura Murphy suggested that they teach about the risks associated with PrEP (like possible side effects), other committee members argued that FLE teachers should not be in the business of providing medical information. Later, Jim Zanotti pointed out the total hypocrisy of such an assertion during a discussion on the FLE lessons about abortion.

I wish these people would just come right out and say what they truly believe:

We want kids having as much oral, anal, and vaginal sex as they feel like without consequence.

There was some interesting back-and-forth discussion regarding the listing of “clergy” as a possible trusted adult who students should talk to if they had any questions or concerns about their sexuality or gender identity. It slipped out that the gender ideologues see clergy as a judgmental enemy, and even a liberal faith community representative took issue with it (although she had no problem voting in lockstep with the gender ideology agenda later).

Moving right along…..yes, Big Man in a Dress, I saw you. I couldn’t help but notice when you brushed against me twice after the meeting was over. What you are supporting that this school system teach to kids is abominable. The gender ideology language sows confusion in young, developing minds.  You’re teaching them that the body doesn’t matter—all that matters is what Mr. Potato Head feels on the inside. And then they can just exchange body parts to match whatever the heck is going on in Mr. Potato Head’s head.


Beautiful, sensitive children get caught up in this insanity. And they (or rather, their parents and doctors) do terrible things to their bodies in pursuit of the Mr. Potato Head lie. The use of puberty blockers in children with perfectly healthy bodies has risen exponentially over the last decade.

Look at this, the parents decided that a gender non-conforming girl (I was one of those girls once I hit about age 9) was a boy on the inside:

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.12.29 AM

You know what saved me from the distress of feeling awkward and rejected by classmates? It wasn’t my parents giving me some bizarre gender identity to obsess about. You know what they did? They bought me an ancient swayback ranch horse and dropped me off at the stables for hours at a time so I could devote my time and “masculine” energy to something OUTSIDE OF MYSELF.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.24.36 AM

The show I Am Jazz, which the LGBT activist community celebrates as a wonderful way to normalize transgenderism, exposes the psychological, physical, and sexual trauma being inflicted on children thanks to the mistaken belief that a girl can be born in a boy’s body (and vice versa).

Jazz is a beautiful, sensitive kid. All he wanted as a little boy (and I mean, like 3 or 4 years old) was to be pretty and to be the center of attention like the females in his family. (Take one look at Grandma and no more needs to be said.) And he was led to believe that in order to do that, he had to be a girl.

Now he has been permanently sterilized thanks to puberty blockers at age 11 and estrogen “therapy” starting at age 12.  He is overweight, depressed, and on national television discussing his inability to have an orgasm and the possibility of needing tissue expanders to stretch out his scrotum in preparation for castration and penile deconstruction.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.33.44 AM

And you, Big Man in a Dress, married a lovely woman and fathered beautiful children. You got to lead a normal life with your bodily integrity intact. But that’s not the life you want for these kids struggling with sex stereotypes and the common stresses associated with adolescence. You advocate turning them into lifelong medical patients with infertile bodies.

And this all starts with the Big Lie: “sex assigned at birth.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.35.13 AM

Laura Murphy was incredible last night. I have combined both parts of her speech so that it flows smoothly without interruption. The Drones of FLECAC did not want to give her even a few more minutes to finish her speech—voting down her request for more time—but she was given an opportunity later thanks to the committee meeting rules.

If anyone’s got a copy of the handout she gave to the committee members, could you get it to me? (See Contact page.)

A couple of committee members later revealed the true agenda behind the “sex assigned at birth” terminology. (I’m hoping to have more videos posted this weekend. A number of videos are now up on YouTube. A couple more are pending.) This change in language has nothing to do with scientific or medical accuracy. It has everything to do with gender ideology. This is ideological speech being imposed upon the developing minds of adolescent students, and they basically admitted it.

School Board Meeting: 10 April 2018

This is my opinion on those public comments specifically regarding LGBT that can be viewed HERE.

The hot topic of the night was the gun control resolution proposed by Joy Maloney. Like last month’s meeting, most of the speakers were urging the school board to support the resolution. However, about a handful or so had things to say about LGBT policy.

Folks from Equality Loudoun were there again–same individuals as usual saying pretty much the same things as before. One of them tackled the Dillon Rule issue. Again.

One LCPS employee had a lot to say about middle school kids’ sexuality:

Hello. Tonight I am speaking to support the rights of our LGBTQ youth here in Loudoun. I work in two middle schools this year and have met many students. I decided to speak tonight because of a comment a student made to me today. We were talking about future careers. She said that she really wanted to be a teacher but she realized she couldn’t be one.

*cough b.s. cough cough*

I asked, “Why? Why can’t you be a teacher?”

She says, “Well, because I consider myself to be bisexual–“

Of course you do–you’re what, 12?

“–and if I marry a woman, I can’t work in a school.”

There’s an openly lesbian teacher at Dominion High School. Yes, she announced it publicly.

I said, “Well, why do you think that?”

Her comment was that because she has never seen a gay teacher, and she has gone to two different middle schools.

Uh, there’s probably quite a few of them, she just doesn’t know about their sexuality because MIDDLE SCHOOL IS NOT THE PLACE FOR IT.

And so, she said that–she asked–“I asked about why there aren’t gay teachers and was told that they don’t exist and it isn’t appropriate to even ask about them.”

I don’t believe this happened.

“No teacher has a picture with a same-sex partner on their desk.”

This is a popular example that I have seen mentioned at least twice before by other speakers in the past.

“There are no pictures of same-sex parents with small children like other teachers have.”

Statistically speaking, same-sex couples with kids aren’t that common. I’m sure there’s some sort of biological reason for that.

So, I feel, after talking to her, that she’s probably not the only student feeling that way. That makes me very sad. She also wanted to say that since schools don’t teach anything about LGBTQ issues, they clearly don’t support people who are.

These kids are being inundated with sexuality-related imaging and messaging on social media. They’re obsessed.

GTFO Tumblr, kids!

She said she asked questions about same-sex relationships during her FLE class and was told that it was not the right place.

Kid, you’re not even legally permitted to engage in ANY sexual relations whatsoever until you are 15. What happened to kids being kids? At her age, I was sloshing through creeks catching crayfish after school, not fantasizing about cunnilingus. Good grief.

They only teach that there may be different-looking families and they will not discuss anything regarding dating or sex.


She also noticed that they don’t have any kinds of groups for LGBTQ students in the middle school.

Praise God. You’re too young, kid.

There’s no after-school club for them. When she asked, she was told that “Oh, the council will have a group for that.” When the form came out she was excited, and looked at it. But it had a group for “check the box if you’re a kid of divorce.” A group for kids who are new in the area. Kids who need help making friends. A group for boys to discuss issues, girls to discuss issues. But nothing for LGBTQ.

I mentioned this to a few teachers in the school building, and they said, “Well, how does a middle schooler even know if they’re gay or not?”

How indeed. WTF are they watching at home and reading on the internet?

“Or, if we have groups it will only encourage these kids.”

Guess what? The Alberta government in Canada is being sued over this very issue because of their GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club.

Because of this attitude, I think these kids need to be recognized, and I think that they need to be added to the non-discrimination policy for both the children and the teachers of our schools.

Lady, you just spent 2 minutes talking about sexualizing kids who are under the legal age of consent for ANY sexual activity whatsoever in the state of Virginia. Is this the hill to die on? Really?

One counter voice (video below):

Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the level-headed response you gave on March 13th to student walk outs. Those wise words were most appreciated.

I am here today to talk about gender ideology activism. I’m very concerned about the actions of these activists in Virginia, particularly in how the laws and policies they propose would affect women and girls.

During this latest session, delegates introduced a number of bills including HB 407 and HB 159. Thankfully, both were killed in subcommittee.

Activists are effectively trying to strip away the rights and legal protections of female people. HB 407 would have made it possible for natal males, complete with an intact male reproductive system, to have legal access to all female spaces, including women’s abuse shelters, prisons, athletics, and public showers through an overhaul of the birth certificate amendment process.

I sent an email to each delegate listed as a patron of this bill, asking how they could support it, and only one responded: Marcus Simon.  His response was to disregard my concerns while questioning my motivations.

HB 159 would have overhauled Family Life Education curriculum throughout the state. FLE is one of the biggest targets of gender ideology activism to promote their radical ideology to children.

Fairfax County’s FLE program teaches obscenity. The handouts I have provided–if you guys have it–includes language I can’t speak here, I can’t say it out loud. It’s the very language being used in lessons for 12 & 13 year olds in Fairfax County. They plan to teach children that it is possible to be born in the wrong body, and that sex is assigned instead of being an immutable biological characteristic determined before birth.

The Fairfax County School Board is being pressured to reinstate their gender identity policy as I have also summarized in the handout.

Also described in the handout are unauthorized changes to the LCPS nondiscrimination policy in online job listings by someone who is clearly an employee with the authority to access the school system’s account on the recruitment website.

Please heed the warnings that these activists are giving you by their actions on the state and local levels. This is all about promoting a postmodernist sexual ideology.

Thank you.

The handout referenced in the speech is available HERE.

LGBT Activism Handout

LGBT Activism Efforts in Virginia:


HB 407 Birth certificates; change of sex. (Killed in subcommittee.) Summary as introduced:

Eliminates the requirement that a person provide a certified copy of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction indicating that his sex has been changed by medical procedure for amendment of a birth certificate to reflect a change of sex and authorizes the Board of Health to adopt regulations setting forth the requirements necessary for amendment of a birth certificate to reflect change of sex. The bill provides that such requirements may include a requirement that the person requesting the amendment submit an affidavit provided by a health care provider from whom the person has received treatment stating that the person has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition but shall not include any requirement for evidence or documentation of any medical procedure.

HB 159 Family life education curricula; local school board to implement in grades kindergarten through 12. (Killed in subcommittee.) Summary as introduced:

Requires each local school board to implement a comprehensive, sequential family life education curriculum in grades kindergarten through 12 that is consistent with the family life education Standards of Learning or curriculum guidelines developed by the Board of Education and removes from such standards and guidelines the requirement for instruction in the benefits, challenges, responsibilities, and value of marriage for men, women, children, and communities; abstinence education; the value of postponing sexual activity; and the benefits of adoption as a positive choice in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.

Fairfax County FLE curriculum:

The following information comes from

7th graders (12-13 year olds) are taught the concepts of heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, and that a person’s sex may not be the same as “the sex assigned at birth.” They are also taught an exhaustive review of symptoms and treatments for a long list of diseases, and needle sharing and oral sex are also discussed.

8th graders (13-14 year olds) are taught the same information regarding sexuality and identity including the following key terms: bisexuality, biological gender, gay, gender, gender identity, gender roles, heterosexual, homosexual, identity, lesbian, sexual orientation, stereotype, and transgender. Very graphic sexual information is discussed, in groups. Oral sex and anal sex are discussed. Anal sex is mentioned 18 times. Students work in groups to become experts in a particular method of contraception.

Fairfax County Gender Identity Policy:

In summary, it promotes “gender affirmation.”  This means that the school assumes that all students who claim to be transgender or gender non-conforming ARE, and therefore without “credible evidence” to the contrary, must be affirmed. Along with transgender status, “gender non-conforming” status is also considered to be a protected class that makes one entitled to opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. FCSB advocates deceiving the classmates (and the parents of the classmates) of transgender and gender non-conforming students by concealing the students’ natal/biological sex.

Such students are permitted to use the facilities of opposite sex students or, if they’d prefer, the facilities of their own sex. Those classmates who discover a transgender student’s birth sex must use different accommodations if they are uncomfortable using the bathroom, changing clothes and/or showering in the student’s presence.

When it comes to Family Life Education’s sex-segregated classes, transgender and gender non-conforming students are allowed to participate with their classmates of the opposite sex. And when it comes to school-sponsored sports, transgender and gender non-conforming students may join the opposite sex teams and compete against athletes of the opposite sex.


Fairfax County LGBT Teacher Activism

Because sexual orientation is a protected class in Fairfax County, teachers are free to make their sexuality known to students.

They organize and engage in LGBT activism within the school system, such as through membership in a group called FCPS Pride, an “Allied and LGBT community for FCPS employees.”

FCPS Pride wants the school system’s health insurance plan to cover transition treatments such as cross-sex hormones and sex-reassignment surgery. You can read all about it at

The leader of FCPS Pride is a high school teacher named Robert Rigby. He is an outspoken proponent of the new gender identity policy, and speaks in favor of it during the public comment period at FCSB meetings. He advises several of the FLECAC voting members and supports the radical change in language regarding biological sex.

Despite the fact that some of his students may be opted out of FLE courses that teach about gender identity and sexual orientation, he always starts the school year by giving an “anti-harassment” talk to his classes that includes discussion about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Unapproved changes to nondiscrimination policy on LCPS recruitment listings:

On March 25, 2018, an LCPS employee posted a dozen new openings for teaching positions on Each of these listings contained a nondiscrimination policy that added “affirmative action/“ to equal opportunity employer, removed any mention of adherence to federal and state law, changed the word sex to “gender,” and added “gender identity or expression” and “sexual orientation” as designated protected classes.

What does it mean to be trans?

The definition keeps getting broader, folks. Pretty soon, the majority of people on the planet are going to be transgender. Heck, as a tomboy, I fit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) definition:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.22.42 PM

Let’s dissect the madness.

At birth, one’s anatomy is identified as either male or female. This is what the HRC and other trans activists call “sex assigned at birth.”

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Every culture has expectations and roles for males and for females. Some of them are based on biology (only women can be mothers, for example) whereas others are based on stereotypes (“girls are sugar and spice and everything nice”). The sex-based stereotypes are what radical feminists call “gender.” So, based on the definition provided earlier, if we were to apply the new terminology in a logical fashion, we’d call a tomboy a transgender girl, and a sissy boy would now be called a transgender boy. The descriptor transgender would be for how the person feels/behaves–opposite of what is expected for their birth sex. The noun boy/girl would be for what the person actually is (their birth sex, which is immutable).

But that’s not actually how the term transgender is used, and this is where a lot of people have confusion when reading articles about transgender individuals. Without background information or at least a photograph, it becomes very difficult for readers to determine if the transgender subject’s noun (boy/girl) is describing their feelings or their birth sex. Just a little hint: If the article is written by a progressive source, the noun always refers to feelings and therefore the person’s birth sex is the opposite of the noun.  

The HRC is not a radical feminist group. It is a progressive group. They are not interested in smashing the expectations and roles derived from gender that are imposed on people based on their sex. Instead, they want to destroy any and all norms.

Progressive always means destroyer of norms. Never forget that.

In the eyes of the HRC, a tomboy is actually a transgender boy or trans boy. The behaviors (gender expression) of the girl are based on her feelings (gender identity), and therefore they determine her “true sex” (gender). Since she behaves in ways that are more in line with the stereotypes for a male, that means, according to trans activists, she actually is male, and so the HRC would use male pronouns (he/him) and expect that she use male-designated facilities for changing clothes and going to the bathroom.

Now, if the tomboy-turned-transboy believes that her sex actually is male (where that idea comes from is something we’ll have to explore another day), she may develop some difficulty where it pertains to her anatomy which is clearly female. Many progressive trans activists now argue that by virtue of her male gender identity, her vagina is actually male genitalia and her breasts are instead simply a male chest, but that doesn’t stop many tomboys-turned-transboys from seeking to match their anatomy with their feelings.

So, despite the fact that activists argue that being transgender is not a mental disorder, they do recommend that tomboy-turned-transboy use the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which clearly is a mental disorder as described in the DSM-5, in order to obtain puberty blockers, breast binders, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies, and genital surgery paid for by private or government health insurance.

The purpose of these hormones and procedures is to mold the body to conform to the feelings so that the person will better pass as the sex they believe they really are: “boys think/feel/say/do _________, therefore if I think/feel/say/do such things too, that means I am a boy, but boys look a certain way, and therefore I need to conform to male biology and change my anatomy to look like a boy so that people will treat me like a boy and I will feel more like a boy when I look in the mirror.”

See what’s happening?

Instead of breaking the girl mold and redefining what it means to be a girl, tomboy-turned-transboy is now attempting to force herself into the boy mold, even if it means injecting herself with testosterone every week and removing her breasts and reproductive organs.

Radical feminists believe that this is a form of “conversion therapy” being targeted at young lesbians because many gender dysphoric females express same-sex attraction even if the dysphoria resolves, but by blocking these girls from going through natural puberty and then radically transforming their bodies through surgeries and testosterone,  it is making these girls much less likely to actually recover from their dysphoria and grow up to be typical adult lesbians who identify as the women they truly are.

Personally, I think that is just a side effect of the true goals which are even more insidious:

  • destroying the parent-child relationship
  • destroying social cohesion and trust
  • sterilizing young men and women
  • sexualizing children

I am not the first to point these things out–religious groups have been screaming about this for a long time. But since they are religious, they have not been taken seriously or they have been disregarded as bigots.

You have to remember, these trans activists are not people who have children’s best interests at heart. They are the same people who seek to teach kids comprehensive sexuality education which involves sexually explicit (read: erotic) materials and information and puts sexual ideas in kids’ heads that otherwise would likely not be there.

No matter where the belief comes from, if someone believes that they have the wrong body (or if they simply hate their own body, as is common with dysphoric girls), this can cause intense distress. It can make the person feel out of control of their own life and how people see them and treat them. This distress can spiral into anxiety and depression which can then lead to self-harming behaviors like cutting and substance abuse and even suicide ideation. In extreme cases, the person may attempt suicide.

Parents of gender dysphoric girls are repeatedly told things like “Do you want a dead daughter or a living son?” from trans activists and even medical and psychological professionals. The parents are encouraged to affirm their daughter’s expressed gender identity and change their behaviors to conform with what their daughter wants–a new name, he/him pronouns, access to male facilities, puberty blockers, breast binders, testosterone, double mastectomy, etc.

Online, trans activists tell girls that it is child abuse if their parents do not affirm their gender identity and help them to obtain testosterone. Parents have even lost custody of their dysphoric child because they did not agree to the gender affirmation protocols that have been created in large part by trans activists.

The pressure to go along with these radical demands often comes from the fear that their daughter will kill herself if they don’t. Yes, there are some parents who believe the lie that gender identity is innate and immutable and is the true determinant of a person’s sex, and yes, there are parents who would rather have a “straight son” than a lesbian daughter, but I think for most parents who participate in gender affirmation, the biggest motivator is fear. Fear that their daughter will be taken from them by child protective services. Fear that their daughter will self-harm (beyond the testosterone injections and surgeries). Fear that their daughter will kill herself.

And who are the people behind all this fear? The trans activists themselves–many of them adult men (now calling themselves trans women) who lived as men, married women, established careers, fathered children, and then “transitioned” well into their 40s or 50s. They contribute their time and money into furthering what Dr. Ryan T. Anderson calls our society’s “transgender moment.”

Do not give these men your pity or your sympathy. They must be fought. Our children deserve no less from us for they are the destroyers of norms, the destroyers of fertility,  the destroyers of innocence.





Normalizing Perversion: The War on Women

So, what IS perversion? Many people would argue that it is subjective, and truthfully it does depend on the culture of a given society. What one community considers to be perverted may be considered completely normal in a different society.

But what we are seeing happening now in America, Canada, the UK and elsewhere, is the destruction of common sense, innocence, and female boundaries. If that’s not perverted, nothing is.

As explained in this post, the Fairfax County School Board wants to give transgender and gender non-conforming teens complete access to the facilities (read: bathrooms, locker rooms, showers) of their choice. LGBT activists in Loudoun County, the state of Virginia, and throughout the country for that matter, desire the same thing.

The attitude of these people is that a person’s feelings about their gender trump even the feelings of an elderly woman disturbed by a transgender person with an erection watching her undress in the locker room.

This former United Church of Canada minister made the following assertion after reading a woman’s disturbing account about her experience in a locker room:

Transgender women, regardless of their status regarding surgical intervention, have the absolute right to use the women’s change room. … a transgender woman is a woman, full stop. It’s easy to sympathize with those who are surprised to see male genitalia in a woman’s change room, but considering some of the stuff hanging loose in change rooms, it’s peanuts.

How many LGBT activists agree with this statement? I’d guarantee you that they ALL do. That’s why they’re pushing for gender identity to be considered a legally protected class in Virginia and nationwide.

Tell me, what’s more gender non-conforming than a male person wearing women’s clothes?

At some point you realize that what these people want is the freedom for men to expose themselves to women and girls and to invade the privacy of women and girls as they take care of private physical needs, undress, and shower.

When you ask these activists, “How can I tell the difference between a transgender person and a sexual predator / voyeur / exhibitionist in a dress when undressing in the women’s facilities?” they cannot give you an answer.

When you ask them, “How can I know the difference between a gender non-conforming person and a man with a transvestic disorder when going to the bathroom in the women’s facilities?” they cannot give you an answer.

And they cannot give you an answer because on the outside such individuals can look completely the same: biologically male in stereotypical female clothes. Women and girls are just supposed to give all these male people the benefit of the doubt as they enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Consider the 2012 case of the Evergreen State College indoor pool locker room: a 45-year-old man who identified as a “transwoman” undressed in the women’s facilities where a young girl saw his genitals. The parents contacted the police, but of course no arrests were made. How could they? As the Evergreen spokesman explained, “The college has to follow state law. The college cannot discriminate based on the basis of gender identity. Gender identity is one of the protected things in discrimination law in this state.” As a compromise, the college put up “privacy curtains” and allowed the transgender student to continue using the women’s facilities.

This is what happens when gender identity, a completely nebulous concept, becomes a protected class.

Women who try to be accommodating to transgender people end up facing situations such as this one where they are shamed by the media for not being willing and/or able to wax male genitals:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 8.20.34 PM
Full article here:


In November 2017, this 18-year-old male student sued his Illinois high school for not accommodating his gender identity enough:



Although the school permits him to undress in the girls’ locker room, he has to do so in a private stall. This is not good enough for him. He wants to undress among his female classmates. LGBT activists with the ACLU completely support his lawsuit for unrestricted access to girls taking their clothes off. Apparently American civil liberties now means male sexual liberties against women and girls.

In Virginia, a teenage girl sued for full access to the boys’ locker rooms. If she succeeds in future lawsuits, she will also be winning the right for male students to have full access to the girls’ locker rooms.

Last year, the Liberty Counsel compiled a list of male sexual predators in women’s facilities (including men who dress like women to gain access) in jurisdictions with SOGI (sexual orientation gender identity) laws. These things HAPPEN. And LGBT activists are fighting to take away women’s ability to do something about red flags such as a someone who is clearly a male who may be engaging in voyeurism, transvestic fetishism, and/or exhibitionism in women’s facilities, not to mention the possibility of sexual violence.

Do women and girls still have sex-based rights to privacy from pubescent male persons? 

And the answer, according to the ACLU, Equality Virginia, and LGBT activists around the country, is a resounding NO.

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