This blog explores and deconstructs current LGBT activism in Loudoun County Public Schools (and surrounding counties in Virginia) as well as in the media.

Please note: I use pronouns associated with birth sex, not “gender identity.” I value my ability to keep my thoughts straight and my words clear, and cognitive dissonance is something I refuse to put myself through. Sorry, but I was born this way.

First, some Truths:

Sex is observed, not assigned. Womanhood is female. Maternity is female.

A woman is an adult (physically mature) female human being–a person whose body is naturally organized as female.

Female is the biological sex associated with the production of ova and the bearing of young. The female phenotype, which follows from the normal female genotype (XX), is ordered towards facilitating the fertilization of ova and childbirth.

Gender is a grammatical term. There are only three genders: feminine, masculine, and neuter. She/her, he/him, it/one. However, some people use the word gender synonymously with biological sex.

Gender identity is a meaningless term. How the originator of the term, Dr. John Money, used it in the 1950s is not how it is being used today. And how it is used today all depends on who you talk to. Therefore, it is a meaningless term.

Intersex conditions have no place in the LGBT debate. Period. End of story.

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