The Shameless Use of Intersex People by LGBT Activists

I am on a much-needed vacation to Ireland (which ends tomorrow), and I feel better able to tackle the latest insanity concocted by the bucket of sex weirdos (or BSWs, a stolen label from a Twitter buddy) in northern Virginia.

Gaining some perspective… Yes, this gender nonsense, too, shall pass…

I attended the Fairfax County School Board meeting on June 14th and sat through three hours of it. Help yourself to it here (highlights of the clown show are listed below):

  • 57:50 Citizen Speeches & Videos (parents for science vs. leftist clergy)
  • 2:01:58 Tom Wilson moves to require schools to obtain written permission from parents to teach FLE.
  • 2:28:00 Board votes it down.
  • 2:28:41 Chair threatens to make audience leave (one of several threats).
  • 2:29:00 Elizabeth Schultz moves for a delay in voting in new FLE changes.
  • 2:41:00 Tom Wilson speaks in support of this motion.

A couple of people have already commented on it, and I don’t want to rehash what has been said. Instead, I want to talk about the shameless use of people with disorders of sex development (intersex conditions) by the BSWs, including one of the LGBTQ+ citizen commenters at the school board meeting.

It has already been noted in FLECAC meetings by a couple of sane members and by a parent speaking before the school board on June 14th that the “sex assigned at birth” term was coined to describe what doctors and parents do for/to children born with a medical condition that makes determining their sex difficult. 

Most people lumped under the intersex umbrella are of a determinate sex. A boy with hypospadias is still clearly male. A girl with Turner syndrome is still clearly female. They aren’t a little bit of the opposite sex. They aren’t a mix of the sexes. They aren’t a third sex. They have a medical condition(s).

People of indeterminate sex are also not a third sex, and such individuals are very rare (unlike the “as common as redheads” lie that you’ll see frequently touted by the BSWs)—I have seen estimates ranging from 0.1% of the population to 0.02%.

Intersex children have been experimented on since the 1950s starting with that psychopathic pervert Dr. John Money and his surgeon buddy Dr. Claude Migeon. “Easier to dig a hole than a pole” seemed to be their mentality in approaching these cases, therefore many times children with ambiguous genitalia and boys with genital abnormalities were surgically altered to look like typical females between their legs and any male gonads were removed, female hormones were administered upon puberty, and the children were raised as girls. These children were ASSIGNED a sex, even if it wasn’t their chromosomal sex or their gonadal sex or even their anatomical sex.

The horror stories behind the “sex assigned at birth” terminology are ignored by the BSWs as are the real hardships that many of these individuals face which can include years of poking and prodding by doctors, genital surgeries, hormone replacement therapy, psychotherapy for themselves and their family members, and infertility. They don’t get to identify their way out of their biological state of being. They don’t get to stop having an intersex condition. It is with them for life—from conception to death.

I have noticed that the Big-Men-in-Dresses activists (you know who you are) have lived full lives with their reproductive systems INTACT and with normal body development. They got married, fathered children, and didn’t experience the sorts of hardships that intersex people who actually are assigned a sex at birth often experience. Do not underestimate the Big Men in Dresses and their allies–they will shamelessly use intersex people, and especially intersex children, to push their agenda.

Do you think Fairfax County plans on teaching about intersex conditions in Family Life Education? Do you think that when the male and female reproductive systems are introduced in elementary school, that the teacher is also going to show slides of ambiguous genitalia and instruct children on the Quigley scale and the Prader scale? Do you think they’ll explain conditions like Swyer syndrome and complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS)? If biological sex is meaningless and really just a spectrum rather than a binary as they often claim, then why aren’t FLE teachers showing all the possible ways that a baby’s reproductive system might form?

There’s a reason they won’t be teaching students any of these things. And there’s a reason committee members didn’t bring them up during the FLECAC meetings. They aren’t interested in educating children about intersex conditions. They are only interested in using intersex people to push the gender ideology that preaches people who are very clearly biological males—XY sex chromosomes, male gonads, male genitalia—can be females, and vice versa. They want to push the dogma that people are just ghosts in machines and that we can be born in the wrong machine but the machine can be altered so as better to fit the ghost that is operating it. It is insane. It is fantasy thinking. It is right up there with reincarnation, except worse because it treats the human person like an animatronic with interchangeable parts.

“Transgender kids” who are put on the path of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones (it starts with “social transition” and almost inevitably moves on to the permanent medicalization of their bodies) are being given a medically induced disorder of sex development. Instead of experiencing natural puberty, their bodies are forced into an unhealthy and unnatural state which leads to infertility and, likely, loss of sexual function. TLC has turned this abusive nightmare into a reality show called I Am Jazz.

Adolescents frequently struggle with issues of self-image and bodily autonomy, and now they are being taught that their perfectly healthy bodies might be wrong and can be made “right” through the adoption of a different set of sex stereotypes plus hormones and surgery. This is child abuse. And Fairfax County is glad to teach kids this garbage WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION.

Yes, that’s right—if you enroll your children into FCPS as the law requires you to do unless you enroll them in private school or notify the government that you are homeschooling, then your children are automatically enrolled in the FCPS bucket of sex weirdos curriculum. Your FCPS student will have absorbed up to 80 hours of BSW garbage spewed at them by the time they graduate high school.

And Prince William County—it’s coming to you, too. WAKE UP. 

If you want to do something about it right now, here’s the checklist:

  1. Opt your children out of Family Life Education. That’s stuff you should be teaching them yourself anyway.
  2. Write your school board, including the superintendent, and let them know that you are vehemently against any instruction that teaches gender ideology including the idea that people can be born the wrong sex or that an amorphous identity trumps biological reality.
  3. Sign the petition by the Family Foundation of Virginia calling for FLE curriculum statewide to be taught only with parental permission (opt-in rather than opt-out). 
  4. Write/call your Virginia legislators. Tell them that FLE curriculum is getting out of control in multiple districts throughout the state and it is time to rein in the bucket of sex weirdos because, really, kids should be off-limits when it comes to this crap.
  5. Talk to your friends and family about how the gender ideology abuses children, violates their rights, and violates parental rights. 

Local news articles on the latest FCPS school board meeting:

Fairfax County Votes to Change Sex Ed References to Sex, Gender

Fairfax County school board approves controversial changes to sex education policy

Fairfax Co. school district passes proposals to modify sex ed, dress codes

What an LGBTQ Prom Looks Like

An Equality Loudoun activist used some of her time during the public comment period at the May 8th LCPS school board meeting to encourage youths to attend the 2018 NoVA Pride Prom. The event was open to high school students under the age of 21, which means 14 year olds were partying with 20 year olds.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.01.15 PM

One of the highlights of the night was a dance performance by Michael Sauter as the drag queen persona of “Ariel Von Quinn.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.06.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.07.15 PM

The video of his performance is posted on the NoVA Pride Facebook page. Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing that any parent should be concerned with. It’s 2018, after all. What are you, a bunch of repressed prudes?

Click HERE to see the 30 second video.

School Board Meeting: 8 May 2018

This is my opinion on those public comments specifically regarding LGBT that can be viewed HERE.

One of the Equality Loudoun regulars spoke, asking once again for LCPS to recognize sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes within their non-discrimination policy.

Again, bringing up the topic of teachers afraid to speak about sexuality for fear of losing their job. It’s a strange thing considering I have seen several LCPS employees speak before the school board on this issue–one of them even talking openly about middle schoolers’ sexualities (which was super creepy). And as I’ve shown before, an LCPS teacher has already shared with the local news media that she is a lesbian. As far as I am aware, she never lost her job over it.

And then she brings up this claim that students don’t believe they can be teachers because of their sexuality. This is such bunk and reveals how desperate they are getting with their arguments.

She announced the upcoming “Pride Prom”–a dance specifically revolving around…..sexuality. Yay! Lady, your movement is turning kids into neurotic sex-obsessed messes.

Another Equality Loudoun regular came up to the podium, and he was wearing a “Dump Comstock” shirt. LMAO He spoke about all his privileges…which was actually a very good introduction. Props for that, kid. He then told the board that he was proud to not be applying for a job in LCPS because they have failed to create SOGI protected classes.

He accused them of being derogatory when board members said that they do not have the authority to “create protected classes.” This is an interesting take, but like the previous speaker’s, it reveals a sort of desperation. They’re running out of arguments.

Feelings, personality traits, sexual attractions and preferences, and psychological conditions are NOT protected classes in Loudoun County, thank God. Let’s hope it stays that way.

A self-described “ally” came up and spoke about LGBT employees for LCPS. Again, sexual orientation is completely tangled up with gender identity. LGB activists have married their cause to one that requires the destruction of sex as a protected class–transgenderism. This will be their undoing.

And then the woman pulled out the big guns: accusing LCPS board members of encouraging suicidal ideation among LGBT students because they have not adopted SOGI protected classes.

Talk about emotional blackmail. For someone who, for all intents and purposes, describes herself as an expert on abusive behaviors, you’d think she would have questioned the wisdom of adopting such a manipulative tactic.

And that’s about it for the LGBT topic during the public comment period. Most of the speakers at this school board meeting were there to talk about the T.J. school funding issue. Clearly LGBT issues are not a priority for Loudoun County parents at this time. LCPS parents are concerned about the quality of education, including the educational opportunities for gifted students and also for struggling students.


Using Kids for Sexuality Activism

The Herndon Middle School Choir performed their spring pops concert this past Wednesday evening in the school auditorium. They were decked in green shirts as part of the #OtherPeopleMatter campaign which comes from The Positivity Project.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.19.37 PM.png

During their last song, singers unfurled several large LGBT flags:

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.21.09 PM

These are middle school students: 11 to 14 years of age. A couple of Fairfax County school board members have been made aware of what happened, but how many parents were aware that some of the choir members were planning to do this? Was this approved ahead of time? Were all the parents okay with their middle schooler(s) promoting sexual identities during their spring concert?

Taking Advantage of Vulnerable Communities in #FairfaxCounty

Warning: Sexually Explicit Language.


Today I went to a shopping center in Herndon and spoke with immigrants outside of the various stores for nearly two hours. What became quite clear to me was how vulnerable this population is to the agenda of the radical ideologues on the Fairfax County School Board and FLE Curriculum Advisory Committee.

The people I spoke with, including parents of FCPS students, had no idea what “Family Life Education” is. They had no idea about the FCPS policies and curriculum surrounding gender identity.

Considering there are up to EIGHTY HOURS of FLE lessons throughout a child’s K-12 education, what’s the likelihood that busy working parents with multiple kids are going to even have the time to carefully examine and consider every paper that comes home with their kids if it isn’t something required to be signed and turned in? This is the problem with automatic FLE enrollment–it lacks informed consent. If what a school district will be teaching to kids would legally qualify as obscenity in any other venue outside of public school, don’t you think the very least they could do is get informed consent from the parents before teaching it?

The immigrant population is particularly vulnerable to government abuses for several reasons:

  1. Language barriers and/or literacy issues.
  2. Some may lack immigration/identification documents and therefore do not want to call attention to themselves.
  3. Many grew up in countries rife with government corruption and abuse, and therefore will be afraid to dissent, especially if #1 & #2 apply to their individual situation as well.

So, what the Fairfax County School Board, including its FLE Curriculum Advisory Committee, is doing is taking advantage of the fact that a large percentage of parents have no idea what is going on with regards to FLE and SOGI (sexual orientation & gender identity) policies, and they wouldn’t know what to do about it anyway even if they were made aware of them.

Parents should be empowered to take a more involved role in the educating of their children regarding sensitive topics such as human sexuality and reproduction which means FLE should be opt-in rather than opt-out, and parents should have at least one alternative curriculum from which to choose. #ChoiceInFLE

The secular sexual ideology that is clearly a product of white privileged Leftists is being implemented on black and brown children, many of whom live in homes where the parents are totally in the dark about what sorts of extreme things are being taught in a program that goes clearly beyond the label of “Family Life Education.” (Check out some of the county’s disparities HERE.) Religious children of all ethnicities are being scandalized and traumatized with sexually explicit information.  Heck, kids don’t need to be religious at all to be scandalized and traumatized by all this stuff. Children of all backgrounds are losing their sex-based rights to privacy and to Title IX athletics programs in favor of gender identity policies that treat biological sex as meaningless.

The Fairfax County School Board and FLECAC really should be ashamed of themselves. They’re running roughshod over so many families in pursuit of a radical ideological agenda that sexualizes children and grooms them to consent to sexual activity even before it is legal to do so. Tell me, Dr. Payne, how do you plan on explaining to 14 year olds what constitutes “high risk behavior” that would justify taking a daily pharmaceutical like Truvada? What are you going to say?  “Well, boys, if you ever plan on letting men sodomize you and you don’t know their HIV status, you might want to consider taking this pill every single day.”  Something like that?

Yeah, maybe you should instead focus on why so many teen boys, particularly black boys, are being infected with HIV. What are you doing to PROTECT THEM from being sodomized in the first place?  Oh, that’s right, you’re too busy normalizing anal sex and teenage sexual activity to concentrate on what is a very serious problem: HIV-positive men sodomizing teenage boys.



I smell an uprising in #FairfaxCounty

The winds are changing. The Fairfax County School Board and FLECAC have been exposed as an ideological circus complete with clown acts and trickery.

And I’m not the only one lampooning people–now we’ve got this creative genius (albeit not on the sex education/gender ideology topic):

Another Fairfax County resident created a YouTube video explaining the importance of biology and showed it to the school board at their most recent meeting on May 10th:

People are getting more bold with their criticisms of the sexual ideology being forced upon FCPS students. Listen to Ruby, Meg, and Cathy speak in the video below:

Kathleen speaks:


Fox5DC is now reporting on the controversial sex education that has been proposed by FLECAC and FCPS staff. Click HERE to read the article. The Arlington Diocese is warning their members about it: see the Arlington Catholic Herald‘s article HERE. The Christian Post has been covering this insanity for a while, and they wrote another article this week about it HERE.

Yesterday I attended the FCSB working meeting, and one topic that took up a ton of time was the recommended changes to the FLE curriculum. Due to the accusations of bigotry against religious people that was voiced at the May 10th school board meeting by members of the public, it appears that the board is eager to dangle a carrot in front of the rebellious Fairfax County parents by ignoring FLECAC’s vote to remove “member of the clergy” from a description of trusted adults from whom students may want to seek help.

School Board member Elizabeth Schultz did a terrific job exposing the truth behind the use of “sex assigned at birth”: it’s not about medical or scientific accuracy; it’s about supporting the gender ideology.

She asked Dr. Scott Brabrand, the FCPS Superintendent, “What do you think the objective of Family Life Education is?”

He responded: “I think the objective of Family Life Education is to provide our students with the knowledge and supports for—as they go through school—to deal with topics that many may have in their conversations at home but they may not necessarily have. And I think the school has to be a trusted partner with families. And I believe family life education has a long history in Fairfax County of being a place where information can be shared that can be helpful for students in helping them as they move though the continuum of growing up. It’s a place for the social and emotional supports that we’ve been talking about as a board and the leadership team over the last few years.”

She then asked Dr. Sloan Presidio, the Assistant Superintendent, “Do you feel at any point with some of the language that’s provided here—maybe even some of the language that’s been embedded previous to this—that we’ve crossed sort of the rubicon of giving information that is necessary for the development of students, for the parents who opt in, in teaching about sexual reproduction and what they need to know about their bodies, to actually—you know, going well beyond that? You know, teaching how to have sex, the way to think about sex, as opposed to learning about their bodies and reproductive cycles and, you know, things like sex trafficking and everything else. Do you feel like we’ve pushed beyond that in the development of our own system-based curriculum that’s not the state’s?”

‘Human sexuality’ in the state objectives for FLE is now considered to be a carte blanche for ideologues to teach whatever they want.

Dr. Presidio answered: “It’s important to recognize that VDOE provides guidance around the standards that we need to talk about—and there’s objectives related to each of those, right?—so one of them is around ‘human sexuality.’ And I think the question, in terms of like what are the values we want to really be, you know, focused on in our curriculum is more a question for the community than it is for me. And that’s the role, I think, of the FLECAC committee. It’s the role of board members to determine the appropriateness of the inclusion of topics in the curriculum. The report that we’re providing to the board is the committee’s report. As I mentioned, there’s 33 voting members. Central office staff are not voting members on the committee. So, I think that is really the question the board has to try to answer. Are we reflecting our community’s needs well in our program?”

It was quite clear to me that Ms. Schultz does not believe the FLECAC members were truly representative of Fairfax County’s diverse communities. You can watch her questions and commentary in full here (about 15 minutes long), or continue reading below:

She asked Presidio, “I’m wondering, when you take a term like [sex assigned at birth], what does our biology curriculum teach? Because you said this is limited only to the FLE curriculum. Then how are you aligning what is taught here to–if they leave FLE and then go into their biology portion of their curriculum, how is—not to use a pun—but how do you transition from what’s said in an FLE curriculum under this guise versus what’s taught as a part of biology?”

Presidio said, “Our definition of Grade 8 biological sex is that ‘a person’s biological sex is the sex that they are assigned at birth and associated primarily with the physical attributes, the reproductive anatomy, and other anatomical physiological structures, chromosomes and hormones.’ So those are the things that we discuss in biology to your question.”

Ms. Schultz was not impressed with this definition. “We had a Virginia history book for years that was riddled with errors. We didn’t keep teaching it because it was already in the curriculum,” she said. “So just because it occurs some place else, doesn’t mean that you transfer the knowledge into FLE. And my problem is that what do you teach children about the sex of a fetus that’s internal still to the mother? Do you teach them that you can’t assign a sex before birth?

“So this is where it starts to unravel, really, for me—is, what is it that is necessary to make this change that makes the curriculum better or more accurate? And I haven’t been able to find anything that says that there’s any medical community consensus that this is actually medical fact. In fact, it’s not, because we know that people find out the sex of their children before they’re born. 

“So, ‘sex assigned at birth’ denies the fact that we’re determining sex prior to birth. So, medical accuracy—when we’re getting down to what we’re teaching children as fact because this is supposed to be an education—’What is it that is factually accurate?’ is where I struggle in particular with this.”

She went on to express concern to Dr. Brabrand about long-time FLE teachers who could no longer in good conscience teach FLE despite their decades of passionate teaching of the subject due to the inclusion of this terminology. She also expressed concern about PrEP and the lack of information provided to students about the risks associated with taking the pharmaceuticals.

Tom Wilson, another FCPS board member, had a lot of questions and comments too, and he was particularly interested in seeing how the FCPS FLE curriculum compared to that of other Virginia school districts and to the state curriculum. Watch his statements in full here (about 10 minutes):

It was during this discussion that it was revealed Prince William County Schools are working on a curriculum to teach students about sexual orientation and gender identity. It was only last year that the PWC school board approved the SOGI non-discrimination policy, and now administrators have taken that as a green light to indoctrinate kids with their sexual ideology and values.

I hope the Loudoun County School Board is paying attention. Once you’ve opened Pandora’s box, there’s no putting what’s escaped back into it.

SOGI curriculum is coming to Prince William County Schools

Is anyone else tired? I’m tired. These gender ideologues are relentless, and they’re crawling all over the school systems.

Just a heads up, PWC residents, your taxes are going to fund curriculum to teach students about sexual orientation and gender identity. Watch the clown show in Fairfax County. It’s coming to you. They won’t stop until every student in Virginia is indoctrinated into their sexual ideology.

GUEST POST – Summary of April 26 FCSB Meeting: The Human Evolution of the Birdmen

Editor: Author will remain anonymous to protect his or her identity. For your convenience, embedded videos are set at the start time for their referenced speech.

The April 26 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) was highlighted by many diverse speakers and topics, with the most astonishing one being the confession of a parent thanking the FCSB and FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) for secretly helping to “sexually transition” his child (while appearing to exploit other children in the classrooms without notification and consent of the other parents).  Just stunning and reprehensible of the school system.

Unfortunately, this dark and sinister revelation overshadowed the introduction of a great idea by a parent for FCPS to start to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs to meet the needs of its diverse communities (aka, Choice in FLE), and require Opt-In and Informed Consent by all parents.  The entire school board meeting can be watched HERE.

Parent of Transgender [Student] Confesses that FCPS Secretly Helped to Transition his Child

One of the speakers at the school board meeting was a man who claimed FCPS secretly helped to transition his confused child in the public schools (and may have subjected and exploited other students in the classrooms to false science, privacy violations, and sexual harassment by the school system without the knowledge or consent of other parents). The stunning revelations can be watched in its entirety here:   

According to this parent and school system, it is perfectly acceptable if other parents do not know what it is going on in the schools with their children and how they are being experimented on, exploited, and potentially harmed.   

He then listed a couple of kooky school districts in the US that are now experimenting in promoting transgender ideology in the schools including violating everyone else’s civil liberties and forcing of shared facilities for dressing, as well as requiring everyone to call psychologically confused people by their preferred opposite sex name.   So now experimenting on all the children in the school system (including the healthy ones) is a good idea, even though accommodating the sexually confused has virtually never occurred in all of human history?

This same parent then praised the FCSB for creating a new Ombudsmen to enforce the Students Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) to ensure there is no discrimination in the FCPS (even though an FOIA found there were no reports ever of any harassment of transgenders in the FCPS).  One wonders if working parents can contact the Ombudsmen to register complaints against school board members and school officials for harassing and discriminating against their children in the public schools with their non-stop harmful and misleading sex agenda and activities.

FCSB Pushing Fake Science by Promoting the Equivalence of Birdmen

While the confused parent proudly touted his confused child, a rocket scientist named Fred spoke at the school board meeting and told the story of a man who thought he was a bird with feathers and wanted to fly from building to building despite having the DNA of a man:

Fred said that this is no different than the current transgender movement of where a man denies his human biology and DNA in order to claim he is a woman, and in the process demonstrating that their mind is in error.

He next doubled down on a previous claim he made that the drugs currently being given to help “transition males into females” has actually been found to cause dementia in the long-term.  So why is the school board and system trying to promote dementia in children?

He then harshly criticized the school board for trying to accommodate the beliefs of confused people, and blocking them from receiving the real help they need to come to grips with reality.  He also mocked the school board for promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), while also now promoting junk-science in their policies and curriculum (where they deem “Biology is Meaningless,” “Sex is assigned at birth,”  and if it feels good, then do it).

School Board Also Now Trying to Hide the Harms of Abortion in Sex Ed Program

A mother named Monique spoke and cited a sad and emotional letter by another woman who regrets having an abortion and became so depressed from knowing the truth about her abortion that she devolved into drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity (to desperately try to find approval through sex) in trying to “numb the pain.”

She then stated if the health, safety, and well-being of students are of paramount importance then why is the school board and their representatives on the FLECAC (aka, Sex Ed Committee) trying to remove and omit information on the harms and dangers of abortion and force teenagers into making uninformed and bad decisions?  Her speech can be watched here:

The Billion Dollar Sex Industrial Complex has Tentacles on the Student Body

A mother named Andrea spoke and criticized the school board for pushing the desires of the tiny population of transgender students over the needs and well-being of the rest of the student population.  She said the school board shamelessly does this to further their sexual ideology and to further the profits of the sex industrial complex:

This includes spending billions of dollars annually for health educators (new classes, materials, training and certifications), big pharma (transition drugs, surgeries, and STD drugs), pornography (magazines and on-line), and sex products and services (recreation, prostitution, sex trafficking), etc., etc.  She highlighted that the schools are now advocating in their FLE (Sex Ed) that students take the drug PrEP which is claimed to reduce the risks from harmful STDs, so as to encourage students to engage in all the high-risk anal sex they want.   What the school board does not tell anyone is that PrEP is currently a billion dollar industry (run by GILEAD), and heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

The Need to Offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) Programs in FCPS

A mother of three named Laura gave a great speech on the need to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs in FCPS so as to provide Choice and ensure Informed Consent:

She said that right now the “progressives” want to have a Sex Ed Program that uses a risk reduction model that embraces their “free spirit,” and while the social conservatives want a risk avoidance model that promotes self-restraint.  She said that the school system prides itself in promoting diversity, while in their FLE (Sex Ed) program they go directly against the needs of the majority of the parents in the county comprised of Muslim Americans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and others.

Rather than have these groups constantly battle each other, the simple solution she said is to just offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs and provide “Choice in FLE.”  Several alternatives could be as simple as just offering the FLE (Sex Ed) program already provided by the State of Virginia, as the FCPS currently creates an expensive and expansive customized Cadillac program now up to 80 hours.  Other Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs exist throughout the US and can be brought in at a minimal cost and implemented as “commercial off the shelf” programs to meet the diverse needs of the population.

Lastly, she said that regardless of FLE (Sex Ed) program offered by FCPS, the school system needs to ensure that there is greater transparency and effort to guarantee informed consent so that parents and students are not exploited by the sex ideologues of others.  Making OPT IN a mandatory requirement for FLE programs would help ensure informed consent.

Busing Students Across Town to Promote Political Correctness

A mother named Valarie complained to the school board about the Rolling Valley Split Feed program:

She said besides wasting student’s and parent’s time and increasing risks to traffic accidents and dividing cohesive communities, she said it makes little to no sense as it increases transportation costs.

She also pointed out the inherent unfairness that parents are now forced to bus their children to other school districts which the parents cannot even vote on to represent them. Lastly, she pointed out that this impacts only 5% of the students, so it is only having a nominal effect in the school system achieving their goals of political correctness.   

Computers are No Substitute for a Good Teacher

A mother named Fabiola spoke on the harms of computer technology, when it is used extensively to teach students.  She said that studies have shown long-term negative effects upon student’s reading and math skill sets due to increased reliance on using computers as a means of education.  Even the NEA says that best way to improve math and reading skills is by increasing class size and investing in teacher skill developments.   Some of the side effects from relying on computers include obesity and decreased social interaction and communication skills.

She said it was disturbing to learn that the FCSB has no coherent plan to regulate or guide individual  schools in the county, leaving great variance in the deployment of computers in the schools.  She said she welcomes their good intentions, but asks that they consider the harm of their actions, as well.

FCPS Still Wasting Millions of Dollars on Sole Source Contracts

A father named John spoke at on FCPS contracting practices and auditing practices.  He first praised them for their renewed effort to reduce the number of sole source contracts.  However, he disagrees strongly with the current FCSB Audit Committee that summarily dismissed the 25 recommendations from three years ago to improve the contracting practices.

He then pointed out that it is a universally held position that Sole Source contracts should be used on an exception basis, yet he was stunned that it is buried deep in the FCPS audit reports, when it is such a fundamental principle to effectively managing such types of contracts.

Maybe Less Sex Ed Classes and More Recess Time?

Lastly, for a fun and light hearted movement watch the children give a video advocating more time for recess:

Maybe FCPS can reduce the 80 hours of Sex Ed classes in FCPS and give the kids more recess time on the play grounds.


Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives, clergy, and other community members about the avalanche of harmful activities and materials in the Fairfax County Public Schools.

It is estimated that 95% of the public does not know what is going on, as many of these harmful activities and materials are being hidden from the public.

Please call and email the out of control school board members and provide constructive public feedback.

Fairfax County Public School Superintendent is Dr. Scott Brabrand at

Or email the entire school board and school superintendent with your public feedback:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday May 10 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  The controversial changes in the FLE (Sex Ed) program will be reported on and voted on to approve (i.e., Sex Assigned at Birth, Biology is Meaningless) at the May 10th FCSB Meeting. Speakers and videos are welcomed and encouraged.  The signup to speak starts at 6am Monday May 7 at

In which an LGBT activist exposes his true motivations


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.04.57 PM

Good grief.

You’re not supposed to be this open and forthright about the fact that you want 14 year old boys to be taking untested drugs in order to have ‘anal sex’ (a misnomer, let’s just call it what it is: sodomy) with HIV-infected men. Because pretty much all the HIV entering the < 18 year old male group comes from adult men who have sex with men. That’s why it’s teen boys (especially black boys) who have the highest HIV rates of any other teen category, including girls.

It is ILLEGAL for ANYONE to have sex with (or sodomize) 14 year old boys in the state of Virginia. Many high school freshmen (9th graders) are 14 years old. It is illegal in the state of Virginia for anyone over the age of 18 to sleep with anyone under the age of 18.

Do you not realize that your preferred FLE program is normalizing anal sex (sodomy) and grooming boys to ‘consent’ to having illegal sexual activity with HIV-infected men? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

My mind is blown that this man is still a teacher in the public school system. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!

As for the ‘sex assigned at birth’ ideological terminology, you admitted that it’s not a scientifically accurate statement. “Don’t worry, folks, they aren’t teaching this in biology class.” What do you take us for, man?