This is my opinion on those public comments specifically regarding LGBT that can be viewed HERE.

One of the Equality Loudoun regulars spoke, asking once again for LCPS to recognize sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes within their non-discrimination policy.

Again, bringing up the topic of teachers afraid to speak about sexuality for fear of losing their job. It’s a strange thing considering I have seen several LCPS employees speak before the school board on this issue–one of them even talking openly about middle schoolers’ sexualities (which was super creepy). And as I’ve shown before, an LCPS teacher has already shared with the local news media that she is a lesbian. As far as I am aware, she never lost her job over it.

And then she brings up this claim that students don’t believe they can be teachers because of their sexuality. This is such bunk and reveals how desperate they are getting with their arguments.

She announced the upcoming “Pride Prom”–a dance specifically revolving around…..sexuality. Yay! Lady, your movement is turning kids into neurotic sex-obsessed messes.

Another Equality Loudoun regular came up to the podium, and he was wearing a “Dump Comstock” shirt. LMAO He spoke about all his privileges…which was actually a very good introduction. Props for that, kid. He then told the board that he was proud to not be applying for a job in LCPS because they have failed to create SOGI protected classes.

He accused them of being derogatory when board members said that they do not have the authority to “create protected classes.” This is an interesting take, but like the previous speaker’s, it reveals a sort of desperation. They’re running out of arguments.

Feelings, personality traits, sexual attractions and preferences, and psychological conditions are NOT protected classes in Loudoun County, thank God. Let’s hope it stays that way.

A self-described “ally” came up and spoke about LGBT employees for LCPS. Again, sexual orientation is completely tangled up with gender identity. LGB activists have married their cause to one that requires the destruction of sex as a protected class–transgenderism. This will be their undoing.

And then the woman pulled out the big guns: accusing LCPS board members of encouraging suicidal ideation among LGBT students because they have not adopted SOGI protected classes.

Talk about emotional blackmail. For someone who, for all intents and purposes, describes herself as an expert on abusive behaviors, you’d think she would have questioned the wisdom of adopting such a manipulative tactic.

And that’s about it for the LGBT topic during the public comment period. Most of the speakers at this school board meeting were there to talk about the T.J. school funding issue. Clearly LGBT issues are not a priority for Loudoun County parents at this time. LCPS parents are concerned about the quality of education, including the educational opportunities for gifted students and also for struggling students.


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