This is my opinion on those public comments specifically regarding LGBT that can be viewed HERE.

The hot topic of the night was the gun control resolution proposed by Joy Maloney. Like last month’s meeting, most of the speakers were urging the school board to support the resolution. However, about a handful or so had things to say about LGBT policy.

Folks from Equality Loudoun were there again–same individuals as usual saying pretty much the same things as before. One of them tackled the Dillon Rule issue. Again.

One LCPS employee had a lot to say about middle school kids’ sexuality:

Hello. Tonight I am speaking to support the rights of our LGBTQ youth here in Loudoun. I work in two middle schools this year and have met many students. I decided to speak tonight because of a comment a student made to me today. We were talking about future careers. She said that she really wanted to be a teacher but she realized she couldn’t be one.

*cough b.s. cough cough*

I asked, “Why? Why can’t you be a teacher?”

She says, “Well, because I consider myself to be bisexual–“

Of course you do–you’re what, 12?

“–and if I marry a woman, I can’t work in a school.”

There’s an openly lesbian teacher at Dominion High School. Yes, she announced it publicly.

I said, “Well, why do you think that?”

Her comment was that because she has never seen a gay teacher, and she has gone to two different middle schools.

Uh, there’s probably quite a few of them, she just doesn’t know about their sexuality because MIDDLE SCHOOL IS NOT THE PLACE FOR IT.

And so, she said that–she asked–“I asked about why there aren’t gay teachers and was told that they don’t exist and it isn’t appropriate to even ask about them.”

I don’t believe this happened.

“No teacher has a picture with a same-sex partner on their desk.”

This is a popular example that I have seen mentioned at least twice before by other speakers in the past.

“There are no pictures of same-sex parents with small children like other teachers have.”

Statistically speaking, same-sex couples with kids aren’t that common. I’m sure there’s some sort of biological reason for that.

So, I feel, after talking to her, that she’s probably not the only student feeling that way. That makes me very sad. She also wanted to say that since schools don’t teach anything about LGBTQ issues, they clearly don’t support people who are.

These kids are being inundated with sexuality-related imaging and messaging on social media. They’re obsessed.

GTFO Tumblr, kids!

She said she asked questions about same-sex relationships during her FLE class and was told that it was not the right place.

Kid, you’re not even legally permitted to engage in ANY sexual relations whatsoever until you are 15. What happened to kids being kids? At her age, I was sloshing through creeks catching crayfish after school, not fantasizing about cunnilingus. Good grief.

They only teach that there may be different-looking families and they will not discuss anything regarding dating or sex.


She also noticed that they don’t have any kinds of groups for LGBTQ students in the middle school.

Praise God. You’re too young, kid.

There’s no after-school club for them. When she asked, she was told that “Oh, the council will have a group for that.” When the form came out she was excited, and looked at it. But it had a group for “check the box if you’re a kid of divorce.” A group for kids who are new in the area. Kids who need help making friends. A group for boys to discuss issues, girls to discuss issues. But nothing for LGBTQ.

I mentioned this to a few teachers in the school building, and they said, “Well, how does a middle schooler even know if they’re gay or not?”

How indeed. WTF are they watching at home and reading on the internet?

“Or, if we have groups it will only encourage these kids.”

Guess what? The Alberta government in Canada is being sued over this very issue because of their GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club.

Because of this attitude, I think these kids need to be recognized, and I think that they need to be added to the non-discrimination policy for both the children and the teachers of our schools.

Lady, you just spent 2 minutes talking about sexualizing kids who are under the legal age of consent for ANY sexual activity whatsoever in the state of Virginia. Is this the hill to die on? Really?

One counter voice (video below):

Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the level-headed response you gave on March 13th to student walk outs. Those wise words were most appreciated.

I am here today to talk about gender ideology activism. I’m very concerned about the actions of these activists in Virginia, particularly in how the laws and policies they propose would affect women and girls.

During this latest session, delegates introduced a number of bills including HB 407 and HB 159. Thankfully, both were killed in subcommittee.

Activists are effectively trying to strip away the rights and legal protections of female people. HB 407 would have made it possible for natal males, complete with an intact male reproductive system, to have legal access to all female spaces, including women’s abuse shelters, prisons, athletics, and public showers through an overhaul of the birth certificate amendment process.

I sent an email to each delegate listed as a patron of this bill, asking how they could support it, and only one responded: Marcus Simon.  His response was to disregard my concerns while questioning my motivations.

HB 159 would have overhauled Family Life Education curriculum throughout the state. FLE is one of the biggest targets of gender ideology activism to promote their radical ideology to children.

Fairfax County’s FLE program teaches obscenity. The handouts I have provided–if you guys have it–includes language I can’t speak here, I can’t say it out loud. It’s the very language being used in lessons for 12 & 13 year olds in Fairfax County. They plan to teach children that it is possible to be born in the wrong body, and that sex is assigned instead of being an immutable biological characteristic determined before birth.

The Fairfax County School Board is being pressured to reinstate their gender identity policy as I have also summarized in the handout.

Also described in the handout are unauthorized changes to the LCPS nondiscrimination policy in online job listings by someone who is clearly an employee with the authority to access the school system’s account on the recruitment website.

Please heed the warnings that these activists are giving you by their actions on the state and local levels. This is all about promoting a postmodernist sexual ideology.

Thank you.

The handout referenced in the speech is available HERE.

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