LGBT Activism Efforts in Virginia:


HB 407 Birth certificates; change of sex. (Killed in subcommittee.) Summary as introduced:

Eliminates the requirement that a person provide a certified copy of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction indicating that his sex has been changed by medical procedure for amendment of a birth certificate to reflect a change of sex and authorizes the Board of Health to adopt regulations setting forth the requirements necessary for amendment of a birth certificate to reflect change of sex. The bill provides that such requirements may include a requirement that the person requesting the amendment submit an affidavit provided by a health care provider from whom the person has received treatment stating that the person has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition but shall not include any requirement for evidence or documentation of any medical procedure.

HB 159 Family life education curricula; local school board to implement in grades kindergarten through 12. (Killed in subcommittee.) Summary as introduced:

Requires each local school board to implement a comprehensive, sequential family life education curriculum in grades kindergarten through 12 that is consistent with the family life education Standards of Learning or curriculum guidelines developed by the Board of Education and removes from such standards and guidelines the requirement for instruction in the benefits, challenges, responsibilities, and value of marriage for men, women, children, and communities; abstinence education; the value of postponing sexual activity; and the benefits of adoption as a positive choice in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.

Fairfax County FLE curriculum:

The following information comes from

7th graders (12-13 year olds) are taught the concepts of heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, and that a person’s sex may not be the same as “the sex assigned at birth.” They are also taught an exhaustive review of symptoms and treatments for a long list of diseases, and needle sharing and oral sex are also discussed.

8th graders (13-14 year olds) are taught the same information regarding sexuality and identity including the following key terms: bisexuality, biological gender, gay, gender, gender identity, gender roles, heterosexual, homosexual, identity, lesbian, sexual orientation, stereotype, and transgender. Very graphic sexual information is discussed, in groups. Oral sex and anal sex are discussed. Anal sex is mentioned 18 times. Students work in groups to become experts in a particular method of contraception.

Fairfax County Gender Identity Policy:

In summary, it promotes “gender affirmation.”  This means that the school assumes that all students who claim to be transgender or gender non-conforming ARE, and therefore without “credible evidence” to the contrary, must be affirmed. Along with transgender status, “gender non-conforming” status is also considered to be a protected class that makes one entitled to opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. FCSB advocates deceiving the classmates (and the parents of the classmates) of transgender and gender non-conforming students by concealing the students’ natal/biological sex.

Such students are permitted to use the facilities of opposite sex students or, if they’d prefer, the facilities of their own sex. Those classmates who discover a transgender student’s birth sex must use different accommodations if they are uncomfortable using the bathroom, changing clothes and/or showering in the student’s presence.

When it comes to Family Life Education’s sex-segregated classes, transgender and gender non-conforming students are allowed to participate with their classmates of the opposite sex. And when it comes to school-sponsored sports, transgender and gender non-conforming students may join the opposite sex teams and compete against athletes of the opposite sex.


Fairfax County LGBT Teacher Activism

Because sexual orientation is a protected class in Fairfax County, teachers are free to make their sexuality known to students.

They organize and engage in LGBT activism within the school system, such as through membership in a group called FCPS Pride, an “Allied and LGBT community for FCPS employees.”

FCPS Pride wants the school system’s health insurance plan to cover transition treatments such as cross-sex hormones and sex-reassignment surgery. You can read all about it at

The leader of FCPS Pride is a high school teacher named Robert Rigby. He is an outspoken proponent of the new gender identity policy, and speaks in favor of it during the public comment period at FCSB meetings. He advises several of the FLECAC voting members and supports the radical change in language regarding biological sex.

Despite the fact that some of his students may be opted out of FLE courses that teach about gender identity and sexual orientation, he always starts the school year by giving an “anti-harassment” talk to his classes that includes discussion about gender identity and sexual orientation.

Unapproved changes to nondiscrimination policy on LCPS recruitment listings:

On March 25, 2018, an LCPS employee posted a dozen new openings for teaching positions on Each of these listings contained a nondiscrimination policy that added “affirmative action/“ to equal opportunity employer, removed any mention of adherence to federal and state law, changed the word sex to “gender,” and added “gender identity or expression” and “sexual orientation” as designated protected classes.

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