The definition keeps getting broader, folks. Pretty soon, the majority of people on the planet are going to be transgender. Heck, as a tomboy, I fit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) definition:

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Let’s dissect the madness.

At birth, one’s anatomy is identified as either male or female. This is what the HRC and other trans activists call “sex assigned at birth.”

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Every culture has expectations and roles for males and for females. Some of them are based on biology (only women can be mothers, for example) whereas others are based on stereotypes (“girls are sugar and spice and everything nice”). The sex-based stereotypes are what radical feminists call “gender.” So, based on the definition provided earlier, if we were to apply the new terminology in a logical fashion, we’d call a tomboy a transgender girl, and a sissy boy would now be called a transgender boy. The descriptor transgender would be for how the person feels/behaves–opposite of what is expected for their birth sex. The noun boy/girl would be for what the person actually is (their birth sex, which is immutable).

But that’s not actually how the term transgender is used, and this is where a lot of people have confusion when reading articles about transgender individuals. Without background information or at least a photograph, it becomes very difficult for readers to determine if the transgender subject’s noun (boy/girl) is describing their feelings or their birth sex. Just a little hint: If the article is written by a progressive source, the noun always refers to feelings and therefore the person’s birth sex is the opposite of the noun.  

The HRC is not a radical feminist group. It is a progressive group. They are not interested in smashing the expectations and roles derived from gender that are imposed on people based on their sex. Instead, they want to destroy any and all norms.

Progressive always means destroyer of norms. Never forget that.

In the eyes of the HRC, a tomboy is actually a transgender boy or trans boy. The behaviors (gender expression) of the girl are based on her feelings (gender identity), and therefore they determine her “true sex” (gender). Since she behaves in ways that are more in line with the stereotypes for a male, that means, according to trans activists, she actually is male, and so the HRC would use male pronouns (he/him) and expect that she use male-designated facilities for changing clothes and going to the bathroom.

Now, if the tomboy-turned-transboy believes that her sex actually is male (where that idea comes from is something we’ll have to explore another day), she may develop some difficulty where it pertains to her anatomy which is clearly female. Many progressive trans activists now argue that by virtue of her male gender identity, her vagina is actually male genitalia and her breasts are instead simply a male chest, but that doesn’t stop many tomboys-turned-transboys from seeking to match their anatomy with their feelings.

So, despite the fact that activists argue that being transgender is not a mental disorder, they do recommend that tomboy-turned-transboy use the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, which clearly is a mental disorder as described in the DSM-5, in order to obtain puberty blockers, breast binders, cross-sex hormones, mastectomies, and genital surgery paid for by private or government health insurance.

The purpose of these hormones and procedures is to mold the body to conform to the feelings so that the person will better pass as the sex they believe they really are: “boys think/feel/say/do _________, therefore if I think/feel/say/do such things too, that means I am a boy, but boys look a certain way, and therefore I need to conform to male biology and change my anatomy to look like a boy so that people will treat me like a boy and I will feel more like a boy when I look in the mirror.”

See what’s happening?

Instead of breaking the girl mold and redefining what it means to be a girl, tomboy-turned-transboy is now attempting to force herself into the boy mold, even if it means injecting herself with testosterone every week and removing her breasts and reproductive organs.

Radical feminists believe that this is a form of “conversion therapy” being targeted at young lesbians because many gender dysphoric females express same-sex attraction even if the dysphoria resolves, but by blocking these girls from going through natural puberty and then radically transforming their bodies through surgeries and testosterone,  it is making these girls much less likely to actually recover from their dysphoria and grow up to be typical adult lesbians who identify as the women they truly are.

Personally, I think that is just a side effect of the true goals which are even more insidious:

  • destroying the parent-child relationship
  • destroying social cohesion and trust
  • sterilizing young men and women
  • sexualizing children

I am not the first to point these things out–religious groups have been screaming about this for a long time. But since they are religious, they have not been taken seriously or they have been disregarded as bigots.

You have to remember, these trans activists are not people who have children’s best interests at heart. They are the same people who seek to teach kids comprehensive sexuality education which involves sexually explicit (read: erotic) materials and information and puts sexual ideas in kids’ heads that otherwise would likely not be there.

No matter where the belief comes from, if someone believes that they have the wrong body (or if they simply hate their own body, as is common with dysphoric girls), this can cause intense distress. It can make the person feel out of control of their own life and how people see them and treat them. This distress can spiral into anxiety and depression which can then lead to self-harming behaviors like cutting and substance abuse and even suicide ideation. In extreme cases, the person may attempt suicide.

Parents of gender dysphoric girls are repeatedly told things like “Do you want a dead daughter or a living son?” from trans activists and even medical and psychological professionals. The parents are encouraged to affirm their daughter’s expressed gender identity and change their behaviors to conform with what their daughter wants–a new name, he/him pronouns, access to male facilities, puberty blockers, breast binders, testosterone, double mastectomy, etc.

Online, trans activists tell girls that it is child abuse if their parents do not affirm their gender identity and help them to obtain testosterone. Parents have even lost custody of their dysphoric child because they did not agree to the gender affirmation protocols that have been created in large part by trans activists.

The pressure to go along with these radical demands often comes from the fear that their daughter will kill herself if they don’t. Yes, there are some parents who believe the lie that gender identity is innate and immutable and is the true determinant of a person’s sex, and yes, there are parents who would rather have a “straight son” than a lesbian daughter, but I think for most parents who participate in gender affirmation, the biggest motivator is fear. Fear that their daughter will be taken from them by child protective services. Fear that their daughter will self-harm (beyond the testosterone injections and surgeries). Fear that their daughter will kill herself.

And who are the people behind all this fear? The trans activists themselves–many of them adult men (now calling themselves trans women) who lived as men, married women, established careers, fathered children, and then “transitioned” well into their 40s or 50s. They contribute their time and money into furthering what Dr. Ryan T. Anderson calls our society’s “transgender moment.”

Do not give these men your pity or your sympathy. They must be fought. Our children deserve no less from us for they are the destroyers of norms, the destroyers of fertility,  the destroyers of innocence.





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