“Sex (male and female) is a meaningless construct, but gender identity is an internal biological trait.”

This, in a nutshell, is what Fairfax County’s FLECAC voted to teach all the FCPS K-12 students.

Lawyer Dan actually said:

Biological sex is essentially meaningless.

He went on to argue that gender identity is in fact what is biological and real:

There’s physical attributes … psychology of the brain, structure of the brain, activities that are all biological, and there’s nothing non-biological about being transgender.

And here we have Everyday Feminism’s Riley J. Dennis transplaining things for us:

According to the HRC’s Welcoming Schools’ definition list: “gender is a person’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither.” Interestingly enough, the list does NOT have a definition for male nor for female.

Now, get ready for nausea because the cognitive dissonance will leave your head spinning.

FCPS Pride’s leader Robert Rigby, who likes to quote Welcoming Schools, advises several FLECAC voting members on LGBT-related issues, and here is what he says, but with their new meanings in place instead of the terms.

“Meaningless construct assigned at birth” is used in the sense “trans-internal-sense-of-a-meaningless-construct people are people whose internal biological trait does not align with their meaningless social construct” and in wider references. That is, for each of us, when we are born, the doctor determines (assigns) a meaningless construct for us, and that is what is put on our birth certificates, and generally is how people think of us until we are old enough to express our own internal biological trait. Cis-internal-sense-of-a-meaningless-construct are people whose internal biological trait aligns with their meaningless construct assigned at birth, and trans-internal-sense-of-a-meaningless-construct is an umbrella term for people whom the two do not align perfectly.


If biological sex is a meaningless term because it is a false binary social construct of a fluid spectrum, then what exactly is being ALIGNED?

What are female feelings? What are female thoughts? Female expressions? Female behaviors? Female desires?

Who knows?! Female is essentially meaningless, remember?

Now, to top off your confusion with a steaming pile of bovine manure, we’ve got Welcoming Schools giving definitions for kids that teaches them that sexuality = love, which implies that if they love a friend of the same sex that means they are gay (because kids don’t know any different without an understanding of what sexuality actually is.)

I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again:


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