It was amazing to watch dozens of representatives being led around by their noses by one bully of a lawyer last night (8 Mar 2018). He was late to the meeting, and the dynamic immediately changed the minute he opened his mouth.

Of course, it is clear that the vast majority of the representatives on the committee are political leftists. And with a lawyer leading the charge to radically change the FLE curriculum to be as far left ideologically as possible, they were more than happy to quietly go along like bobbleheads on the dashboard of a runaway 18-wheeler.

The highlight of the evening was when Daniel Press motioned to change all references to biological sex or biological gender in the curriculum to “sex assigned at birth.”

But before that was a conversation about abstinence. Because Lawyer Dan has no idea what the Virginia code says about Family Life Education requirements, and he really doesn’t think that abstinence should be presented as the appropriate choice for minors under the age of 15 (8th graders in particular). It should simply be presented as an option among other appropriate choices.

Tell us, Lawyer Dan, what other lawful and appropriate choices are there for 8th graders when it comes to sexual activity? Care to explain?

And not only did Lawyer Dan blatantly lie to the committee members about the medical community’s use of the term “biological sex”–which really is a redundancy because the medical community just uses sex. But it helps people to clarify that one is talking about the reproductive system and associated physiology versus the reproductive act–but he lied on social media about what happened when he was rude to an observer.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 9.24.42 AM

He says:

Of course, it would have been nicer if one of the citizens were not literally standing right behind me filming close enough to potentially read personal and business messages on my phone…

Bullshit, Dan. I was watching and video taping that particular corner of the room nearly the entire time (because you tend to dominate the meeting). But I was directly behind Carl Jones with my phone, and he didn’t say a word about my filming (and my occasional outbursts of laughter).

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.24.33 AM
Dan is on the far left. The observer who he had an altercation with is the lady standing against the wall on the right.

This was the closest she ever got:


The topic of consent, and a subsequent motion, was brought up by a young lady who appeared to be a student representative. Early on in the meeting, Catherine Carroll made the really good point that promoting abstinence should be about teaching kids not to pressure other kids for sex rather than only teaching kids how to resist the pressure from others.

But, of course, Lawyer Dan’s gotta take credit:

refocusing the abstinence and sexual assault curriculum to increase the focus on teaching students not to be sexually aggressive/coercive, rather than focusing primarily/solely on resistance techniques/the victim/target of advances.

And I really don’t see how that can make up for the completely asinine move he made to take a gender dysphoria-related term “sex assigned at birth” and apply that to the entire FLE curriculum. You do realize, don’t you, Lawyer Dan, that 99.4% of the world’s population does not see the world through the lens of transgenderism, and therefore their terminology will reflect a viewpoint more in line with biology rather than ideology?

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.11.56 PM

Oh, and the best–Dan writes:

My motion passed 21-3, so it’s pretty clear it’s not some sort of radical concept,

They’re all far left liberal Democrats, Dan, JUST LIKE YOU. He continues:

but some people will continue to attack me for this. That’s fine, as long as the attacks remain verbal and not physical.

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