Sometimes you have to read between the lines, and other times the message is right there for you in black and white:


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 5.27.22 PM


Sexual ideologues such as Equality Loudoun genuinely believe that adults have an inherent right to discuss their sexuality with other people’s prepubescent kids.

There’s a good reason parents are given the option to opt their children out of Family Life Education classes that discuss issues like sexuality and sexual attraction, and if these radical ideologues had their way, adults’ sexuality would be discussed in school whenever and by whoever.

The lawyer for the teacher in question has denied that she believes she has a right to talk about sexuality with students.

Kareah Wakeland, a parent of three children who were former students of the teacher, sought to reassure people, and in doing so made some revealing statements:

She’s not forming a gay club in an elementary school, she’s trying to teach kindergartners about Vincent van Gogh. I don’t think she has time to make them all gay, nor does she have an interest in doing so.

Obviously there is community concern that there are teachers who would seek to form a “gay club” and influence the sexuality of developing children. Remember, Fairfax County FLE curriculum states that sexuality is something that EVOLVES throughout a person’s life from infancy to old age. If this is true, then that means externalities (environment, exposure, etc.) can affect a person’s sexuality and behaviors.

Just look at Fairfax County. They created new protected classes, and now they have teachers openly and actively pushing to indoctrinate children into a sick anti-science ideology.

According to an official statement from the school, the teacher was suspended based on allegations that she shared info about her sexuality–she is in a lesbian relationship–and the sexuality of other individuals, rather than simply “because she is gay.”

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