At some point, you’ll become “red pilled” and realize there’s no reasoning with these people. They are like cult members who TRULY BELIEVE what garbage it is they are preaching. And they want to convert children. Children are malleable, impressionable, and easily brainwashed.


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“Look, kids, there’s a medicine that you can take that can turn you from a boy into a girl!”

Can you imagine how a child might think about that later when he has to take medicine for an illness. “Mom, will this change me into a girl?”

It’s such a lie. Medicine can’t change a male into a female. Hormones can’t do it either, especially after the point in fetal development where the reproductive system has become recognizable.

Rigby’s latest dumb post:

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.46.48 PM

This is so stupid.

Kid: “Hey, is your dog a boy or a girl?”

FCPS Pride (Robert Rigby): “I don’t know–my dog can’t tell me.”

Kid squats down and looks between the dog’s legs. “It’s a boy.”

There’s no use in trying to reason with people like this. There can be no rational debate: the words “boy” and “girl” are now meaningless–reduced to stereotypes, which still rely on an understanding of biological sex, which these very same people claim is meaningless.

Are you confused yet? That’s the end goal–confuse your mind and then try to manipulate your emotions through a variety of tactics so that you give them what they demand. Don’t let yourself be pulled into their Orwellian language distortions and manipulation attempts.

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