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They want to know who I am (this isn’t rocket science if they haven’t figured it out already), and are debating on doxxing me once they’ve confirmed my identity.

Yes, yes, because what I say doesn’t matter nearly as much as WHO I am. (It’s not like I’m a public figure or a voting member of a public committee or heading some sort of sexuality-related activist non-profit here.)

Why must Leftists and sexuality extremists–I repeat myself–know the identities of the people saying things they don’t like?

As I talked about HERE, and also in this comment HERE, the goal is to gather as much information about a person in order to pick their lives apart, judge their hearts/souls, harass their family and friends, and destroy their social and professional networks.

And while destroying as much of the person’s life as they can, they unperson their victims with “hater, bigot, transphobe, homophobe, Nazi, TERF, etc.” ad nauseam.



Bring it on. 

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