Don’t think I didn’t notice the pale hue of the Virginia activists who so eagerly seek to push a radical sexual ideology onto religious and ethnic minorities.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the Caucasity and masculinity (a dress can’t hide those man genes, fellas) of those who would displace girls and women from their own locker rooms and sports programs.

Are you even listening to Fairfax County parents like this one?

Yeah, you know I’m talking about you–Fairfax County School Board, FCSB FLECAC, Equality Loudoun, and especially you, Equality Virginia.

You make Saltines look tan.

Does your group leadership have ethnic representation on par with the demographics of your jurisdiction? Or is it 98% Wonderbread?

Do you have any traditional Muslims or Orthodox Jews on your boards and committees? How about practicing Catholics or Southern Baptists? Any Pentecostals or nondenominational evangelicals? Any Mormons? Or are you all hippy dippy mainline Christians and/or meditators?

How about some political diversity–any Republicans? Independents? Maybe some libertarians or conservatives? How about radical feminists–you got any of those?

Something tells me no. Because otherwise how could your groups so happily get behind THIS?  You’re ideologues and bullies who seek to steamroll everyone, especially girls, in your path. #WarOnWomen

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