WARNING: Due to explicit language of a sexual nature, this post may not be safe for work or school settings, and it is definitely not appropriate for kids.


Something occurred to me today when I was trying to figure out why Fairfax County feels the need to teach 12 year olds about the risks of oral sex and 13 year olds the risks of anal sex. (See parentandchild.org.) Neither of these acts involves the possible consequence of pregnancy.

Instead, the warnings accompanying both of these discussions are of sexually transmitted infections.

Let’s think about this. How does a kid contract an STI? Fooling around with another kid? Unlikely. Most kids that age are virgins, and even if they’re not, if their sexual experience has been limited to their same-age peers (who are also similarly limited in experience), then it’s unlikely they’d contract a disease. These diseases don’t just *poof* into existence through spontaneous generation.

So how do sexually transmitted infections enter the < 15 year old population (under the legal age of consent)? And how would a kid that age, on his or her own, even come up with the idea to do things like “anal sex” anyway? They wouldn’t. It comes from older teens and adults exposing kids to sexually explicit information (obscenity).

So, again, where are all these STIs coming from?

Older teens and adults.

And where are older teens (minors who legally are permitted only to have sex within their age group of 15-17) getting STIs from? If minors are only engaging in sexual activity with other minors, then there should be ZERO possibility of contracting an STI. But obviously FLECAC thinks the chances are a lot greater than zero. Of course, leave it to the  “experts” to blame it on a lack of sex education. But that’s not it. You want to know what the real problem is?

Adults are having sex with minors (a Class 1 misdemeanor, if not worse) and spreading diseases into the < 18 year old population.

Men with same-sex attractions (and no, I’m not saying all of them) are preying on teen boys, especially black boys. That’s the only explanation for why teen boys are disproportionately infected with HIV in comparison to teen girls. Yeah, go ahead and try to blame those disease rates on homophobia and a lack of adequate sex education. I mean, it couldn’t possible have anything to do with the fact that the rectum isn’t supposed to be used for sexual activity (regardless of how one self-identifies), and that HIV-infected men are acting like predators and using teen boys as ejaculatory receptacles.

Fairfax County assumes that 7th & 8th graders will be violated by older teens, if not adults. And once I had that realization, something else occurred to me–FLECAC wasn’t calling that abuse, let alone rape. 7th & 8th graders can’t even legally have sex with each other. That’s a Class 4 misdemeanor at the very least. Are these students told that they legally cannot engage in sexual activity? Are they told that if ANYONE tries to touch them sexually, whether they think they want it or not, it’s against the law?

Are the 12 year old girls told that any time a boy (12 years or older) tries to have sex with them, it’s attempted rape? That if he succeeds, it’s RAPE–a felony with a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment? Are the boys told about this?

Did FLECAC even bring up VA Code § 18.2-63 when discussing the concept of “consent” for 8th grade curriculum?

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.28.50 PM


The law protects minors, and yet minors are not being taught what the laws are or why they were enacted in the first place: to protect them. Instead, FLECAC assumes 12 & 13 year olds will be engaging in sexual activity and therefore they will be exposed to sexually transmitted infections that were brought into the middle school population by sex offender high schoolers and adults who have yet to be charged for their crimes.

Rather than enable these perverts, FLECAC, how about teaching middle schoolers that older teens and adults are ALWAYS WRONG for trying to have sex with them, and that they should avoid such perverts at all costs? How about teaching high schoolers that chasing middle schoolers is morally repugnant and also very illegal?

What FLECAC teaches: “Here are a list of the 500 million nasty infections you might catch if you choose to engage in sexual activity without a condom.”

What FLECAC should teach: “Teens and adults who try to have sex with you are perverted and need to be avoided. They spread sexually transmitted infections, and if they have preyed on one of your peers it is possible for you to also be infected by engaging in sexual activity with the victim.”

What an empowering message that would send middle schoolers (and especially girls):

You are valued and NO ONE has the right to even so much as try to have sex with you. Your well-being is so important that we criminalize those perverts who would take advantage of your inexperience and vulnerability and put you at risk of a potentially dangerous pregnancy, a potentially sterilizing bacterial infection and/or a lifelong viral disease. We want to protect your childhood and allow you to grow and learn free from abuse, objectification, and physical harm.

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