Remove your children from the Fairfax County Family Life Education classes. The necessary paperwork can be found HERE.

Sign the petition to the Fairfax County School Board to respect all students’ rights HERE.

Contact the Fairfax County School Board members. You can find their information HERE.

Contact Elizabeth Payne, FLECAC Committee Chairperson and Coordinator of the Health, Family Life, and Physical Education, Instructional Services Department, by sending her an email: or giving her a call: 571-423-4553

Contact the School Superintendent, Dr. Scott Brabrand, via email: or phone: 571-423-1010

Contact the local media and voice your concerns. See more information HERE, or click HERE for links to a variety of local news outlets.

Attend the school board Regular Business meetings and sign up to address the board when you can.

Attend the FLECAC meetings and observe the committee members’ words and actions. Take note of what concerns you, then contact Elizabeth Payne, the school board members, and the local media.

Remember, parents: You are not alone. You are not an outlier. You are not an extremist.


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