So, what IS perversion? Many people would argue that it is subjective, and truthfully it does depend on the culture of a given society. What one community considers to be perverted may be considered completely normal in a different society.

But what we are seeing happening now in America, Canada, the UK and elsewhere, is the destruction of common sense, innocence, and female boundaries. If that’s not perverted, nothing is.

As explained in this post, the Fairfax County School Board wants to give transgender and gender non-conforming teens complete access to the facilities (read: bathrooms, locker rooms, showers) of their choice. LGBT activists in Loudoun County, the state of Virginia, and throughout the country for that matter, desire the same thing.

The attitude of these people is that a person’s feelings about their gender trump even the feelings of an elderly woman disturbed by a transgender person with an erection watching her undress in the locker room.

This former United Church of Canada minister made the following assertion after reading a woman’s disturbing account about her experience in a locker room:

Transgender women, regardless of their status regarding surgical intervention, have the absolute right to use the women’s change room. … a transgender woman is a woman, full stop. It’s easy to sympathize with those who are surprised to see male genitalia in a woman’s change room, but considering some of the stuff hanging loose in change rooms, it’s peanuts.

How many LGBT activists agree with this statement? I’d guarantee you that they ALL do. That’s why they’re pushing for gender identity to be considered a legally protected class in Virginia and nationwide.

Tell me, what’s more gender non-conforming than a male person wearing women’s clothes?

At some point you realize that what these people want is the freedom for men to expose themselves to women and girls and to invade the privacy of women and girls as they take care of private physical needs, undress, and shower.

When you ask these activists, “How can I tell the difference between a transgender person and a sexual predator / voyeur / exhibitionist in a dress when undressing in the women’s facilities?” they cannot give you an answer.

When you ask them, “How can I know the difference between a gender non-conforming person and a man with a transvestic disorder when going to the bathroom in the women’s facilities?” they cannot give you an answer.

And they cannot give you an answer because on the outside such individuals can look completely the same: biologically male in stereotypical female clothes. Women and girls are just supposed to give all these male people the benefit of the doubt as they enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Consider the 2012 case of the Evergreen State College indoor pool locker room: a 45-year-old man who identified as a “transwoman” undressed in the women’s facilities where a young girl saw his genitals. The parents contacted the police, but of course no arrests were made. How could they? As the Evergreen spokesman explained, “The college has to follow state law. The college cannot discriminate based on the basis of gender identity. Gender identity is one of the protected things in discrimination law in this state.” As a compromise, the college put up “privacy curtains” and allowed the transgender student to continue using the women’s facilities.

This is what happens when gender identity, a completely nebulous concept, becomes a protected class.

Women who try to be accommodating to transgender people end up facing situations such as this one where they are shamed by the media for not being willing and/or able to wax male genitals:

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 8.20.34 PM
Full article here:


In November 2017, this 18-year-old male student sued his Illinois high school for not accommodating his gender identity enough:



Although the school permits him to undress in the girls’ locker room, he has to do so in a private stall. This is not good enough for him. He wants to undress among his female classmates. LGBT activists with the ACLU completely support his lawsuit for unrestricted access to girls taking their clothes off. Apparently American civil liberties now means male sexual liberties against women and girls.

In Virginia, a teenage girl sued for full access to the boys’ locker rooms. If she succeeds in future lawsuits, she will also be winning the right for male students to have full access to the girls’ locker rooms.

Last year, the Liberty Counsel compiled a list of male sexual predators in women’s facilities (including men who dress like women to gain access) in jurisdictions with SOGI (sexual orientation gender identity) laws. These things HAPPEN. And LGBT activists are fighting to take away women’s ability to do something about red flags such as a someone who is clearly a male who may be engaging in voyeurism, transvestic fetishism, and/or exhibitionism in women’s facilities, not to mention the possibility of sexual violence.

Do women and girls still have sex-based rights to privacy from pubescent male persons? 

And the answer, according to the ACLU, Equality Virginia, and LGBT activists around the country, is a resounding NO.

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