Not that I really went anywhere–I just didn’t update the blog with my goings-on.

So, here’s a quick update:

  • Arlington Public Schools are being inundated with gender politics. Learn more at Arlington Parent Coalition – CLICK HERE.
  • Loudoun County Public Schools recently adopted a foundational policy that recognizes gender identity, sexual orientation AND perceived sexual orientation, whatever that’s supposed to mean. This was despite a +1600 signature petition presented to the school board against the proposed Policy 1040 changes and a large number of people speaking out against it at the board meeting.
  • Virginia elections are coming up in November. Every single school board member seat is up for election. Let’s not let them forget that.
  • At least 32 Loudoun County schools will be adding even more LGBTQ books to their libraries (about 750 books in total) based on the recommendations of Equality Loudoun. I am reviewing current school library books now so parents can get an idea about what sorts of messages they can expect their kids to receive from such materials. Expect a blog post of reviews soon.
  • Equality Loudoun is closely associated with Equality Virginia and the  Transgender Education Association of Greater Washington, both of which promote the D.C. Area Transmasculine Society (DCATS). DCATS encourages chest binding, packers (prosthetic male genitals for females to imitate a “crotch bulge” or to use during sexual activity), mastectomies, and “cruising” for sex with gay men in public parks and restrooms. Equality Loudoun, DCATS, and a number of other organizations were “United In Pride” at last year’s NoVA Pride Festival.
  • The Virginia Department of Health directs transgender-identified people to DCATS which provides a “resource” containing dangerous instructions and pornographic material that are contrary to the Departments stated mission. Thanks to yours truly this is now under investigation, but that doesn’t mean the Department is going to do anything constructive about it. This is the same Department that plans to enforce a de facto “conversion therapy ban” through its licensing programs for psychologists, counselors, and social workers. This would include a ban on talk therapy that is not automatically “gender affirming.”
  • Congress is considering the Equality Act, which should be named the Female Erasure Act. I’ve got a huge playlist of videos you can check out that deal with this issue: CLICK HERE.
  • I have started two video series – Transgenderism: The Abuse of Children and The Truth About Transactivism. Part 1 of each can be viewed below.

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