I am on a much-needed vacation to Ireland (which ends tomorrow), and I feel better able to tackle the latest insanity concocted by the bucket of sex weirdos (or BSWs, a stolen label from a Twitter buddy) in northern Virginia.

Gaining some perspective… Yes, this gender nonsense, too, shall pass…

I attended the Fairfax County School Board meeting on June 14th and sat through three hours of it. Help yourself to it here (highlights of the clown show are listed below):

  • 57:50 Citizen Speeches & Videos (parents for science vs. leftist clergy)
  • 2:01:58 Tom Wilson moves to require schools to obtain written permission from parents to teach FLE.
  • 2:28:00 Board votes it down.
  • 2:28:41 Chair threatens to make audience leave (one of several threats).
  • 2:29:00 Elizabeth Schultz moves for a delay in voting in new FLE changes.
  • 2:41:00 Tom Wilson speaks in support of this motion.

A couple of people have already commented on it, and I don’t want to rehash what has been said. Instead, I want to talk about the shameless use of people with disorders of sex development (intersex conditions) by the BSWs, including one of the LGBTQ+ citizen commenters at the school board meeting.

It has already been noted in FLECAC meetings by a couple of sane members and by a parent speaking before the school board on June 14th that the “sex assigned at birth” term was coined to describe what doctors and parents do for/to children born with a medical condition that makes determining their sex difficult. 

Most people lumped under the intersex umbrella are of a determinate sex. A boy with hypospadias is still clearly male. A girl with Turner syndrome is still clearly female. They aren’t a little bit of the opposite sex. They aren’t a mix of the sexes. They aren’t a third sex. They have a medical condition(s).

People of indeterminate sex are also not a third sex, and such individuals are very rare (unlike the “as common as redheads” lie that you’ll see frequently touted by the BSWs)—I have seen estimates ranging from 0.1% of the population to 0.02%.

Intersex children have been experimented on since the 1950s starting with that psychopathic pervert Dr. John Money and his surgeon buddy Dr. Claude Migeon. “Easier to dig a hole than a pole” seemed to be their mentality in approaching these cases, therefore many times children with ambiguous genitalia and boys with genital abnormalities were surgically altered to look like typical females between their legs and any male gonads were removed, female hormones were administered upon puberty, and the children were raised as girls. These children were ASSIGNED a sex, even if it wasn’t their chromosomal sex or their gonadal sex or even their anatomical sex.

The horror stories behind the “sex assigned at birth” terminology are ignored by the BSWs as are the real hardships that many of these individuals face which can include years of poking and prodding by doctors, genital surgeries, hormone replacement therapy, psychotherapy for themselves and their family members, and infertility. They don’t get to identify their way out of their biological state of being. They don’t get to stop having an intersex condition. It is with them for life—from conception to death.

I have noticed that the Big-Men-in-Dresses activists (you know who you are) have lived full lives with their reproductive systems INTACT and with normal body development. They got married, fathered children, and didn’t experience the sorts of hardships that intersex people who actually are assigned a sex at birth often experience. Do not underestimate the Big Men in Dresses and their allies–they will shamelessly use intersex people, and especially intersex children, to push their agenda.

Do you think Fairfax County plans on teaching about intersex conditions in Family Life Education? Do you think that when the male and female reproductive systems are introduced in elementary school, that the teacher is also going to show slides of ambiguous genitalia and instruct children on the Quigley scale and the Prader scale? Do you think they’ll explain conditions like Swyer syndrome and complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS)? If biological sex is meaningless and really just a spectrum rather than a binary as they often claim, then why aren’t FLE teachers showing all the possible ways that a baby’s reproductive system might form?

There’s a reason they won’t be teaching students any of these things. And there’s a reason committee members didn’t bring them up during the FLECAC meetings. They aren’t interested in educating children about intersex conditions. They are only interested in using intersex people to push the gender ideology that preaches people who are very clearly biological males—XY sex chromosomes, male gonads, male genitalia—can be females, and vice versa. They want to push the dogma that people are just ghosts in machines and that we can be born in the wrong machine but the machine can be altered so as better to fit the ghost that is operating it. It is insane. It is fantasy thinking. It is right up there with reincarnation, except worse because it treats the human person like an animatronic with interchangeable parts.

“Transgender kids” who are put on the path of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones (it starts with “social transition” and almost inevitably moves on to the permanent medicalization of their bodies) are being given a medically induced disorder of sex development. Instead of experiencing natural puberty, their bodies are forced into an unhealthy and unnatural state which leads to infertility and, likely, loss of sexual function. TLC has turned this abusive nightmare into a reality show called I Am Jazz.

Adolescents frequently struggle with issues of self-image and bodily autonomy, and now they are being taught that their perfectly healthy bodies might be wrong and can be made “right” through the adoption of a different set of sex stereotypes plus hormones and surgery. This is child abuse. And Fairfax County is glad to teach kids this garbage WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION.

Yes, that’s right—if you enroll your children into FCPS as the law requires you to do unless you enroll them in private school or notify the government that you are homeschooling, then your children are automatically enrolled in the FCPS bucket of sex weirdos curriculum. Your FCPS student will have absorbed up to 80 hours of BSW garbage spewed at them by the time they graduate high school.

And Prince William County—it’s coming to you, too. WAKE UP. 

If you want to do something about it right now, here’s the checklist:

  1. Opt your children out of Family Life Education. That’s stuff you should be teaching them yourself anyway.
  2. Write your school board, including the superintendent, and let them know that you are vehemently against any instruction that teaches gender ideology including the idea that people can be born the wrong sex or that an amorphous identity trumps biological reality.
  3. Sign the petition by the Family Foundation of Virginia calling for FLE curriculum statewide to be taught only with parental permission (opt-in rather than opt-out). 
  4. Write/call your Virginia legislators. Tell them that FLE curriculum is getting out of control in multiple districts throughout the state and it is time to rein in the bucket of sex weirdos because, really, kids should be off-limits when it comes to this crap.
  5. Talk to your friends and family about how the gender ideology abuses children, violates their rights, and violates parental rights. 

Local news articles on the latest FCPS school board meeting:

Fairfax County Votes to Change Sex Ed References to Sex, Gender

Fairfax County school board approves controversial changes to sex education policy

Fairfax Co. school district passes proposals to modify sex ed, dress codes

3 thoughts on “The Shameless Use of Intersex People by LGBT Activists

  1. As an Intersex/DSD person, i totally agree that the BSW’s are using Intersex/DSD people like myself as pawns to push their perverted agenda at the expense of REAL Intersex/DSD people. I bet he one thing these BSW’s hate the most, is Biology, science, DNA, Genetics and chromosomes.


  2. I appreciated this article. I am a bit troubled about the “by LGBT Activists” in the title. Rest assured that many, many people in the L community are so against what is happening that we want to “get the L out” of the alphabet soup community!

    As near as I can tell, it is the TQblahblahblah community co-opting the I experience as theirs. Ls, Gs, and Bs have been conned into believing the stories, but I don’t know any who are pushing it.


    1. Well, on the national level as well as the local level, lesbians are campaigning alongside gay men in favor of the TQblablahblah community, so I’m not going to bother parsing them when those L’s & G’s who do speak out against the transborg are a small percentage and do not represent the majority of people who identify as L or G.


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