Well, it was made quite clear to me what the FLECAC members’ true goals are: undermining the parent-child relationship and grooming kids to vote for progressive politicians. That’s why they want to use politically correct ideological language and to avoid talking about the risks associated with PrEP and the realities about abortion.

See if you can catch the little stab at parents in this one:

Parents think they know best, heh heh

Good grief, lady. Could you be any more obvious? We get it–you think parents are stupid and don’t know what’s best for their kids like you do.

Homosexuality is not a phase.

Alex, when it comes to kids, almost everything is a phase. Sexuality can be rather flexible throughout a lifetime, and during puberty it most certainly can be fluid for many teenagers. And don’t get me started on “gender identity.” You can’t sit there and tell me biological sex is essentially meaningless and squishy whereas gender identity is determinant of one’s “true sex” and immutable. Come on, lady.

And I just love how you try to minimize de-transitioning. If someone’s sexuality changes over time–okay, no biggie. But if someone has permanently altered the shape of their body and their fertility due to transition treatments, you can’t just fix that when they hit their mid-20s and go “OH NO! WHAT DID I DO?!” Yes, this happens, and it especially happens to young women…after they’ve done terrible and permanent things to their bodies.

To say that it’s a phase dehumanizes people who are trans, and dehumanizes the lived reality for many, many trans folks…

No it doesn’t, especially if we’re talking about young people. And do you really want to talk about reality?

You know what’s truly dehumanizing, Alex? How you seemingly consider humans in the womb–that pesky female organ that you are training girls to believe is something hostile to be combatted–to be nothing more than teratomas. When you dehumanize the offspring, you dehumanize the mother.

The discussion continued and another woman spoke:

When you tell children to go talk to their clergy–I think when you put religion in there, it is a judgment.

The lady representing the faith community was like wut?!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.18.06 PM

Later, a motion was put forward by Alex Dixon who does not want girls to understand the risks of abortion. Thankfully, her motion to remove the language about physical and mental health risks failed.

In the discussion after Laura’s excellent speech about biological sex vs. “sex assigned at birth,” two people revealed that scientific and medical accuracy have no place in any lesson where it pertains to gender identity.

So, there you have it–progressive FLECAC members believe curriculum should be centered around the students who are transgender, having sex, engaging in risky behavior with HIV positive men, and/or already had an abortion to the detriment of the kids who remain relatively innocent (or at least had been before the oh-so-informative FLE class). Can’t speak the truth–it might shame. Can’t talk about biology–it might shame. Can’t discuss the realities of abortion–it might shame.

Parents, opt your kids out of this crap. These people are nuts.

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