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The April 26 Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) was highlighted by many diverse speakers and topics, with the most astonishing one being the confession of a parent thanking the FCSB and FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) for secretly helping to “sexually transition” his child (while appearing to exploit other children in the classrooms without notification and consent of the other parents).  Just stunning and reprehensible of the school system.

Unfortunately, this dark and sinister revelation overshadowed the introduction of a great idea by a parent for FCPS to start to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs to meet the needs of its diverse communities (aka, Choice in FLE), and require Opt-In and Informed Consent by all parents.  The entire school board meeting can be watched HERE.

Parent of Transgender [Student] Confesses that FCPS Secretly Helped to Transition his Child

One of the speakers at the school board meeting was a man who claimed FCPS secretly helped to transition his confused child in the public schools (and may have subjected and exploited other students in the classrooms to false science, privacy violations, and sexual harassment by the school system without the knowledge or consent of other parents). The stunning revelations can be watched in its entirety here:   

According to this parent and school system, it is perfectly acceptable if other parents do not know what it is going on in the schools with their children and how they are being experimented on, exploited, and potentially harmed.   

He then listed a couple of kooky school districts in the US that are now experimenting in promoting transgender ideology in the schools including violating everyone else’s civil liberties and forcing of shared facilities for dressing, as well as requiring everyone to call psychologically confused people by their preferred opposite sex name.   So now experimenting on all the children in the school system (including the healthy ones) is a good idea, even though accommodating the sexually confused has virtually never occurred in all of human history?

This same parent then praised the FCSB for creating a new Ombudsmen to enforce the Students Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) to ensure there is no discrimination in the FCPS (even though an FOIA found there were no reports ever of any harassment of transgenders in the FCPS).  One wonders if working parents can contact the Ombudsmen to register complaints against school board members and school officials for harassing and discriminating against their children in the public schools with their non-stop harmful and misleading sex agenda and activities.

FCSB Pushing Fake Science by Promoting the Equivalence of Birdmen

While the confused parent proudly touted his confused child, a rocket scientist named Fred spoke at the school board meeting and told the story of a man who thought he was a bird with feathers and wanted to fly from building to building despite having the DNA of a man:

Fred said that this is no different than the current transgender movement of where a man denies his human biology and DNA in order to claim he is a woman, and in the process demonstrating that their mind is in error.

He next doubled down on a previous claim he made that the drugs currently being given to help “transition males into females” has actually been found to cause dementia in the long-term.  So why is the school board and system trying to promote dementia in children?

He then harshly criticized the school board for trying to accommodate the beliefs of confused people, and blocking them from receiving the real help they need to come to grips with reality.  He also mocked the school board for promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), while also now promoting junk-science in their policies and curriculum (where they deem “Biology is Meaningless,” “Sex is assigned at birth,”  and if it feels good, then do it).

School Board Also Now Trying to Hide the Harms of Abortion in Sex Ed Program

A mother named Monique spoke and cited a sad and emotional letter by another woman who regrets having an abortion and became so depressed from knowing the truth about her abortion that she devolved into drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity (to desperately try to find approval through sex) in trying to “numb the pain.”

She then stated if the health, safety, and well-being of students are of paramount importance then why is the school board and their representatives on the FLECAC (aka, Sex Ed Committee) trying to remove and omit information on the harms and dangers of abortion and force teenagers into making uninformed and bad decisions?  Her speech can be watched here:

The Billion Dollar Sex Industrial Complex has Tentacles on the Student Body

A mother named Andrea spoke and criticized the school board for pushing the desires of the tiny population of transgender students over the needs and well-being of the rest of the student population.  She said the school board shamelessly does this to further their sexual ideology and to further the profits of the sex industrial complex:

This includes spending billions of dollars annually for health educators (new classes, materials, training and certifications), big pharma (transition drugs, surgeries, and STD drugs), pornography (magazines and on-line), and sex products and services (recreation, prostitution, sex trafficking), etc., etc.  She highlighted that the schools are now advocating in their FLE (Sex Ed) that students take the drug PrEP which is claimed to reduce the risks from harmful STDs, so as to encourage students to engage in all the high-risk anal sex they want.   What the school board does not tell anyone is that PrEP is currently a billion dollar industry (run by GILEAD), and heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

The Need to Offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) Programs in FCPS

A mother of three named Laura gave a great speech on the need to offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs in FCPS so as to provide Choice and ensure Informed Consent:

She said that right now the “progressives” want to have a Sex Ed Program that uses a risk reduction model that embraces their “free spirit,” and while the social conservatives want a risk avoidance model that promotes self-restraint.  She said that the school system prides itself in promoting diversity, while in their FLE (Sex Ed) program they go directly against the needs of the majority of the parents in the county comprised of Muslim Americans, Asians, Latinos, African Americans, and others.

Rather than have these groups constantly battle each other, the simple solution she said is to just offer Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs and provide “Choice in FLE.”  Several alternatives could be as simple as just offering the FLE (Sex Ed) program already provided by the State of Virginia, as the FCPS currently creates an expensive and expansive customized Cadillac program now up to 80 hours.  Other Alternative FLE (Sex Ed) programs exist throughout the US and can be brought in at a minimal cost and implemented as “commercial off the shelf” programs to meet the diverse needs of the population.

Lastly, she said that regardless of FLE (Sex Ed) program offered by FCPS, the school system needs to ensure that there is greater transparency and effort to guarantee informed consent so that parents and students are not exploited by the sex ideologues of others.  Making OPT IN a mandatory requirement for FLE programs would help ensure informed consent.

Busing Students Across Town to Promote Political Correctness

A mother named Valarie complained to the school board about the Rolling Valley Split Feed program:

She said besides wasting student’s and parent’s time and increasing risks to traffic accidents and dividing cohesive communities, she said it makes little to no sense as it increases transportation costs.

She also pointed out the inherent unfairness that parents are now forced to bus their children to other school districts which the parents cannot even vote on to represent them. Lastly, she pointed out that this impacts only 5% of the students, so it is only having a nominal effect in the school system achieving their goals of political correctness.   

Computers are No Substitute for a Good Teacher

A mother named Fabiola spoke on the harms of computer technology, when it is used extensively to teach students.  She said that studies have shown long-term negative effects upon student’s reading and math skill sets due to increased reliance on using computers as a means of education.  Even the NEA says that best way to improve math and reading skills is by increasing class size and investing in teacher skill developments.   Some of the side effects from relying on computers include obesity and decreased social interaction and communication skills.

She said it was disturbing to learn that the FCSB has no coherent plan to regulate or guide individual  schools in the county, leaving great variance in the deployment of computers in the schools.  She said she welcomes their good intentions, but asks that they consider the harm of their actions, as well.

FCPS Still Wasting Millions of Dollars on Sole Source Contracts

A father named John spoke at on FCPS contracting practices and auditing practices.  He first praised them for their renewed effort to reduce the number of sole source contracts.  However, he disagrees strongly with the current FCSB Audit Committee that summarily dismissed the 25 recommendations from three years ago to improve the contracting practices.

He then pointed out that it is a universally held position that Sole Source contracts should be used on an exception basis, yet he was stunned that it is buried deep in the FCPS audit reports, when it is such a fundamental principle to effectively managing such types of contracts.

Maybe Less Sex Ed Classes and More Recess Time?

Lastly, for a fun and light hearted movement watch the children give a video advocating more time for recess:

Maybe FCPS can reduce the 80 hours of Sex Ed classes in FCPS and give the kids more recess time on the play grounds.


Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives, clergy, and other community members about the avalanche of harmful activities and materials in the Fairfax County Public Schools.

It is estimated that 95% of the public does not know what is going on, as many of these harmful activities and materials are being hidden from the public.

Please call and email the out of control school board members and provide constructive public feedback.

Fairfax County Public School Superintendent is Dr. Scott Brabrand at ssbrabrand@fcps.edu

Or email the entire school board and school superintendent with your public feedback:

jane.strauss@fcps.edu; sandy.evans@fcps.edu; pat.hynes@fcps.edu; dapalchik@fcps.edu; klcorbettsan@fcps.edu; tdkaufax@fcps.edu; megan.mclaughlin@fcps.edu;elizabeth.schultz@fcps.edu; tawilson1@fcps.edu; Karen.KeysGamarra@fcps.edu; Ryan.McElveen@fcps.edu; rlmcelveen@fcps.edu; ilryong.moon@fcps.edu;ssevans@fcps.edu; IMoon@fcps.edu; kakeysgamarr@fcps.edu; ssbrabrand@fcps.edu

The next school board meeting is at 7pm Thursday May 10 at Luther Jackson Middle School.  The controversial changes in the FLE (Sex Ed) program will be reported on and voted on to approve (i.e., Sex Assigned at Birth, Biology is Meaningless) at the May 10th FCSB Meeting. Speakers and videos are welcomed and encouraged.  The signup to speak starts at 6am Monday May 7 at https://www.fcps.edu/school-board/school-board-meetings.

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