The War on Kids’ Minds is Real and It’s Everywhere

I had to have a conversation with my daughter about mental illness ….. again.

This week she went to a friend’s house after school, and while there her friend showed her a book she was reading called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 8.22.32 PM

Her friend particularly wanted to show her the story about Coy Mathis (I suspect because the girl thought it strange). My daughter read it and then came home and told me about it.


“It’s weird that they put a boy in a book that’s supposed to just be about girls,” my daughter said.

While searching Google for more information about the book, including an excerpt of the story she read, I came across this forum discussion about it from a year ago. It was amusing to see the woman’s daughter had the same reaction mine did.

From the mouths of babes….

“The emperor has NO CLOTHES.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 8.29.57 PM

Funny, though, how Leftists never listen to kids when they say things like this, just when they have opinions about gun control.



A Few Questions for the Fairfax County School Board and FLECAC

When students are separated “by gender” for family life education classes, does that mean “transgirls” (boys who identify as girls) will be seated in the class with female students?

How does that work out when talking about the specific health issues related to female anatomy such as menstruation, pregnancy, and cervical cancer?

Are these transgender students informed that these female issues are something they will never face but rather that they need to worry about the things that boys and men must face?

If students are being told that their sex can be different than what is “assigned to them at birth,” do they still understand that their body will be, or at least can be, affected by those things that affect their “birth assignation” regardless of their gender identity?

Sign the Petition to FCSB to Respect ALL Students’ Rights


It is important that new parents keep signing the petition, and add your comments. This has been invaluable towards reaching this point.

We, the parents, family and friends of Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) students, unite demanding all of our student’s rights be fairly respected in the forthcoming regulation detailing how to implement the gender identity addition to the nondiscrimination policy (Policy 1450).

We are opposed to the way that the regulation is moving forward and has been done in a way that does not provide transparency and community involvement to address our needs and concerns.  As such, it is currently severely flawed and is in violation of the needs and rights of very large portions of our student population.

While we agree that no child should be subject to harassment, bullying or denied educational opportunities for any reason, including gender identity, we strongly disagree with the implications that the new policy change will create in the transgender non-discrimination regulation being created.

The Department of Education and Attorney General Loretta Lynch and many transgender rights groups insist that transgender students be treated in every respect as the gender they identify with, and not by their biological sex. We insist that there are areas in the education system where anatomical sex must be the sole relevant discriminatory trait considered. In these areas, gender identity is not interchangeable with sex.

Athletics are an obvious area where biological sex is not interchangeable with gender identity. Boys have very real biological differences which give them a competitive advantage over girls.  It is unfair to allow a transgender girl to compete on girls’ athletic teams.  Biological female students will be denied from competition because transgender girls who are better athletically will displace them. This will also have an impact on female athletes ability to receive athletic scholarships.   This would be a clear violation of the intent of Title IX.

Locker room and bathroom access is another area which requires strict sex segregation.  Our diverse student population has cultural modesty requirements (due to national origin) and religious mandates which forbid mixed anatomical sexes together in these areas.    The current school facilities do not provide adequate privacy to the students.  If a transgender student is placed in these areas with opposite sex students, it would force students by religion or national origin to be limited to using only a private area or single-use facility.  This would subject these students to the same discrimination that the school board forbids to be done to gender non-conforming or transgender students.

Being one of the largest and most diverse student populations in the nation, FCPS should lead the nation in both protecting gender non-conforming and transgender students, while also fully protecting the rights of our diverse ethnic and religious groups. The school board cannot move forward with a regulation that discriminates against our best asset, our diversity. Until a regulation is acceptable to all these groups, it would be irresponsible to move forward with a severely flawed implementation of the non-discrimination policy.

For all the above reasons, we demand that any regulation created for the gender identity non-discrimination policy must provide for the strict sex segregation requirements in areas where our diverse religious and ethnic student population mandates modesty.   We demand that any policy put forward must provide for strict sex segregation in athletics.    We demand transparency and parental input going forward to ensure these student rights are protected.

Please click HERE to sign the petition.

Concerned Parents: What You Can Do

Remove your children from the Fairfax County Family Life Education classes. The necessary paperwork can be found HERE.

Sign the petition to the Fairfax County School Board to respect all students’ rights HERE.

Contact the Fairfax County School Board members. You can find their information HERE.

Contact Elizabeth Payne, FLECAC Committee Chairperson and Coordinator of the Health, Family Life, and Physical Education, Instructional Services Department, by sending her an email: or giving her a call: 571-423-4553

Contact the School Superintendent, Dr. Scott Brabrand, via email: or phone: 571-423-1010

Contact the local media and voice your concerns. See more information HERE, or click HERE for links to a variety of local news outlets.

Attend the school board Regular Business meetings and sign up to address the board when you can.

Attend the FLECAC meetings and observe the committee members’ words and actions. Take note of what concerns you, then contact Elizabeth Payne, the school board members, and the local media.

Remember, parents: You are not alone. You are not an outlier. You are not an extremist.


There’s no such thing as legal sexual activity with a 13-year-old. Stop enabling the abuse of children, FLECAC.

WARNING: Due to explicit language of a sexual nature, this post may not be safe for work or school settings, and it is definitely not appropriate for kids.


Something occurred to me today when I was trying to figure out why Fairfax County feels the need to teach 12 year olds about the risks of oral sex and 13 year olds the risks of anal sex. (See Neither of these acts involves the possible consequence of pregnancy.

Instead, the warnings accompanying both of these discussions are of sexually transmitted infections.

Let’s think about this. How does a kid contract an STI? Fooling around with another kid? Unlikely. Most kids that age are virgins, and even if they’re not, if their sexual experience has been limited to their same-age peers (who are also similarly limited in experience), then it’s unlikely they’d contract a disease. These diseases don’t just *poof* into existence through spontaneous generation.

So how do sexually transmitted infections enter the < 15 year old population (under the legal age of consent)? And how would a kid that age, on his or her own, even come up with the idea to do things like “anal sex” anyway? They wouldn’t. It comes from older teens and adults exposing kids to sexually explicit information (obscenity).

So, again, where are all these STIs coming from?

Older teens and adults.

And where are older teens (minors who legally are permitted only to have sex within their age group of 15-17) getting STIs from? If minors are only engaging in sexual activity with other minors, then there should be ZERO possibility of contracting an STI. But obviously FLECAC thinks the chances are a lot greater than zero. Of course, leave it to the  “experts” to blame it on a lack of sex education. But that’s not it. You want to know what the real problem is?

Adults are having sex with minors (a Class 1 misdemeanor, if not worse) and spreading diseases into the < 18 year old population.

Men with same-sex attractions (and no, I’m not saying all of them) are preying on teen boys, especially black boys. That’s the only explanation for why teen boys are disproportionately infected with HIV in comparison to teen girls. Yeah, go ahead and try to blame those disease rates on homophobia and a lack of adequate sex education. I mean, it couldn’t possible have anything to do with the fact that the rectum isn’t supposed to be used for sexual activity (regardless of how one self-identifies), and that HIV-infected men are acting like predators and using teen boys as ejaculatory receptacles.

Fairfax County assumes that 7th & 8th graders will be violated by older teens, if not adults. And once I had that realization, something else occurred to me–FLECAC wasn’t calling that abuse, let alone rape. 7th & 8th graders can’t even legally have sex with each other. That’s a Class 4 misdemeanor at the very least. Are these students told that they legally cannot engage in sexual activity? Are they told that if ANYONE tries to touch them sexually, whether they think they want it or not, it’s against the law?

Are the 12 year old girls told that any time a boy (12 years or older) tries to have sex with them, it’s attempted rape? That if he succeeds, it’s RAPE–a felony with a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment? Are the boys told about this?

Did FLECAC even bring up VA Code § 18.2-63 when discussing the concept of “consent” for 8th grade curriculum?

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.28.50 PM


The law protects minors, and yet minors are not being taught what the laws are or why they were enacted in the first place: to protect them. Instead, FLECAC assumes 12 & 13 year olds will be engaging in sexual activity and therefore they will be exposed to sexually transmitted infections that were brought into the middle school population by sex offender high schoolers and adults who have yet to be charged for their crimes.

Rather than enable these perverts, FLECAC, how about teaching middle schoolers that older teens and adults are ALWAYS WRONG for trying to have sex with them, and that they should avoid such perverts at all costs? How about teaching high schoolers that chasing middle schoolers is morally repugnant and also very illegal?

What FLECAC teaches: “Here are a list of the 500 million nasty infections you might catch if you choose to engage in sexual activity without a condom.”

What FLECAC should teach: “Teens and adults who try to have sex with you are perverted and need to be avoided. They spread sexually transmitted infections, and if they have preyed on one of your peers it is possible for you to also be infected by engaging in sexual activity with the victim.”

What an empowering message that would send middle schoolers (and especially girls):

You are valued and NO ONE has the right to even so much as try to have sex with you. Your well-being is so important that we criminalize those perverts who would take advantage of your inexperience and vulnerability and put you at risk of a potentially dangerous pregnancy, a potentially sterilizing bacterial infection and/or a lifelong viral disease. We want to protect your childhood and allow you to grow and learn free from abuse, objectification, and physical harm.

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The Whiteness of LGBT Activism

Don’t think I didn’t notice the pale hue of the Virginia activists who so eagerly seek to push a radical sexual ideology onto religious and ethnic minorities.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the Caucasity and masculinity (a dress can’t hide those man genes, fellas) of those who would displace girls and women from their own locker rooms and sports programs.

Are you even listening to Fairfax County parents like this one?

Yeah, you know I’m talking about you–Fairfax County School Board, FCSB FLECAC, Equality Loudoun, and especially you, Equality Virginia.

You make Saltines look tan.

Does your group leadership have ethnic representation on par with the demographics of your jurisdiction? Or is it 98% Wonderbread?

Do you have any traditional Muslims or Orthodox Jews on your boards and committees? How about practicing Catholics or Southern Baptists? Any Pentecostals or nondenominational evangelicals? Any Mormons? Or are you all hippy dippy mainline Christians and/or meditators?

How about some political diversity–any Republicans? Independents? Maybe some libertarians or conservatives? How about radical feminists–you got any of those?

Something tells me no. Because otherwise how could your groups so happily get behind THIS?  You’re ideologues and bullies who seek to steamroll everyone, especially girls, in your path. #WarOnWomen

But who are you?


Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.35.13 AM
Full FB post here:


They want to know who I am (this isn’t rocket science if they haven’t figured it out already), and are debating on doxxing me once they’ve confirmed my identity.

Yes, yes, because what I say doesn’t matter nearly as much as WHO I am. (It’s not like I’m a public figure or a voting member of a public committee or heading some sort of sexuality-related activist non-profit here.)

Why must Leftists and sexuality extremists–I repeat myself–know the identities of the people saying things they don’t like?

As I talked about HERE, and also in this comment HERE, the goal is to gather as much information about a person in order to pick their lives apart, judge their hearts/souls, harass their family and friends, and destroy their social and professional networks.

And while destroying as much of the person’s life as they can, they unperson their victims with “hater, bigot, transphobe, homophobe, Nazi, TERF, etc.” ad nauseam.



Bring it on. 

Parents, do you know what your kids are learning?

Do you know what your children are learning in their school’s Family Life Education class? Do you know what your children are being exposed to from their school’s Gender Sexuality Alliance club? Are they being steered towards surgery and a lifetime of pharmaceutical consumption?

From Psychology Today:

I came out as bisexual and joined my school’s LGBT group. At a meeting one day, I picked up a pamphlet that for the first time gave me a detailed definition of what the in LGBT stood for: people who feel discomfort with their biological sex and its associated gender role and who resolve the situation by presenting as a member of the opposite sex. It hit me: That’s what I am. That’s why I feel different. I’m supposed to be a man. …

I spent hundreds of hours in online forums, chewing over the nuances of gender identity and learning terms like bigender and nonbinary, searching for the right fit. Perhaps the most influential part of my exploration was a transgender support group I attended for a couple of years at the LGBT center in the town where I lived after college. … [The younger people in the support group] were enthusiastic about medical transition and encouraged me to pursue it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just one big fat nothingburger.

And, for crying out loud, KEEP YOUR KIDS OFF TUMBLR:

I’d made a Tumblr blog, looking, really, for a space that I could have to myself to vent, and I found myself on it a lot more. There is good stuff on that website. But the nasty stuff is so easy to find and so hard to wriggle free of if you’re like I was: lonely, miserable, hollow, and utterly lost, uneasy about everything …

It’s difficult to explain what the “nasty stuff” is if you haven’t spent time on there yourself, exactly how pervasive and focused the brainwashing is, how perverse and suffocating and addictive it can be. The convoluted and illogical discourse, the constant shifting of goalposts so you are always on your toes to know what can I say? What am I allowed to think? What does this word mean today? So many lies were told to me about gender, sex, oppression, people, love, health, and happiness. … It was a real crabs-in-a-bucket mentality, where any criticism, even of downright abusive behaviour, was transphobic and/or ableist and/or racist. To suggest improving oneself, sorting out your life, was cruelty of the highest order; we were perfect as we were, they  cooed, and anyone saying otherwise hated us and everyone like us. Narcissism ruled supreme.

We copied the writing style everyone else used, and we copied what they said too. They said and then we said we were beautiful. They and then we said we were against the world, the cis world, the hateful world, the world that wasn’t ideologically pure like we were ideologically pure. Nobody suffered like us. We were martyrs, floating high above reproach and deserving, more than anyone, of every good thing in the world: comfort, other people’s money. We deserved to have every rule bent for us, because we were right and they were wrong.

From Twitter:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.40.07 PM

School Board Meeting: 13 Mar 2018

This is my opinion on those public comments specifically regarding LGBT that can be viewed HERE.

There were, I believe, 26 listed speakers for the public comment period, although several were no-shows. The vast majority were there to speak about gun control and the planned student walk-outs in support of gun control. Maybe a quarter of them were there to speak about LGBT issues.

It appears to be the same people nearly every 2nd Tuesday, organized by a community group called Equality Loudoun. I inadvertently sat right among them, although I do not know how many noticed my t-shirt:


I’m not interested in doxxing citizens who are simply expressing their opinions publicly, especially when some of them are minors. But it is clear to me that a number of the adults in this group are connected to LGBT activists in Fairfax County including several FCSB FLECAC voting members. And a number of these Fairfax activists (and perhaps also some Loudoun activists) are connected to LGBT activists within the Virginia House of Delegates. The end goals of LGBT activism are the same regardless of what county you are looking at:

  • provide special protections for sexuality AND gender identity (you will never see one without the other), which then leads to:
  • changing family life education (FLE) curriculum to teach LGBT/intersectional feminist ideology and obscenity to minors under the legal age of consent for sexual activity
  • opening up female spaces, positions, & sports to transgender and/or “nonbinary” males
  • criminalizing speech that violates LGBT/intersectional feminist ideology (ie “misgendering”)

One of the speakers, the woman in charge of Equality Loudoun’s Facebook page, reiterated their tactics which were already touched upon in this post (see the Dear Colleague letter in particular). Their tactic is to argue that sexual orientation (I prefer the term sexuality) and gender identity are integral aspects of biological sex, and therefore should be protected under sex discrimination laws. The Equality Loudoun speaker said:

Earlier this month, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is illegal for employers to discriminate against transgender workers under the Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In April of 2017, we saw the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that LGBT employees are protected under the Civil Rights Act. This ruling came a few weeks after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that Title 7 does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation. Are you confused yet?

This is why we need policies that clearly state that sexual orientation and gender identity are included in nondiscrimination policies. Thanks to the Rice University study we know that including this language in a policy has a significant positive impact on how LGBT people are treated in the workplace.

Since you will not add gender identity or sexual orientation to the nondiscrimination policy, please release a statement stating that LGBTQ people are included in this policy under the term sex. I wish that every LGBTQ person in Loudoun felt comfortable and supported to live their authentic life free from worry or threat from losing their job. A recent study shows that children who live openly as transgender and have supportive families are no more anxious or depressed than other children. Let’s encourage people to love themselves and be themselves.

Well, that’s rich. What is transgender identity but a pathological self-loathing of one’s own biological sex that often involves mutilating pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures in order to make one’s body conform to some sort of simulacrum of the opposite sex? Anyway, she continues:

To LCPS students and staff, please feel free to wear a rainbow ribbon if you want. I have been assured that there will no negative repercussions for such displays.

So, this snarky comment reveals the speaker’s lack of charity for heterosexual people, particularly those in places of authority in the LCPS system. She is implying that without special written protections, heterosexual administrators, teachers & students will harass and discriminate against sexual minorities…by virtue of being heterosexual. Did you catch that? Being heterosexual makes one more likely to harass and discriminate against people. That sounds almost…bigoted.

And now she reveals the truth: this is an IDEOLOGY to her–sexuality & sexual expression are no different than a religious faith.

For a person to be punished for wearing a sign of LGBT pride would be akin to someone being persecuted for wearing a cross.

Yup, sticking your ____ in or around someone else’s digestive system is totes the same as worshipping Jesus Christ. Gauntlet thrown.

If you experience discrimination or hear hateful language being used–

Stop. There’s a big difference between being discriminated against and “hearing hateful language.” Never mind that “hate” is rather amorphous and relies on judging someone’s psyche and intentions, but discrimination is an ACT whereas language is speech. It’s already illegal to harass someone. But you can’t police speech that doesn’t violate the law.

–please file a report with the school principle and email about the incident. If you experience discrimination in the workplace because you are LGBT, please contact Philip Thompson, chair of the NAACP in Loudoun County.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People?

LGBT = colored now?

Are conservative black people aware of this development?

To the LGBT community, just ignore all the statistics I previously mentioned about LGBT people being the target of hate crimes and murder. Be brave, trust in the goodness of people, and live your life. [End]

Her statistics, which I did not transcribe, referred to the murders of gay and transgender people, which revealed that they are actually LESS LIKELY to be killed than the general population. (Math is hard.) But, hey, never let a murder go to waste, amiright? Use it to push your political agenda whenever and wherever you can.

Look, sexuality (including sexual orientation) is a PSYCHOLOGICAL thing. It isn’t something one is conceived with, such as genotype, or something expressed in utero such as phenotype. According to Fairfax County’s family life education curriculum, as read out loud by Jim Zanotti:

Instruction will include that individuals are sexual beings from birth to death and that sexuality evolves from infancy to old age.

First off, babies aren’t sexual beings–they don’t have a sexuality. (What’d I tell you–these FLECAC Lefties are perverts.) Babies are sexed beings: male or female. I would have thought these people threw off Freud as outdated and homophobic, and yet here they are talking about babies having a sexuality.

And why should something that evolves over time (such as personality, character, skills, and, yes, sexual orientation) be a specially-protected class? There are no special protections for introverts despite the fact that they are, generally speaking, less economically successful than extroverts, and they have a more difficult time with social situations.

It is not the place of the local school board to create special protected classes. Period. End of story. Those activists who are trying to manipulate and pressure school board supervisors to create new protected classes are trying to circumvent the legislative process that is responsible for creating protected classes within the state of Virginia. And they do this in an attempt to change family life education curriculum, open up female spaces to males, and criminalize speech.