What is clear to me is how badly The Loudoun Times-Mirror wants the LCPS school board to pass pro-LGBT policies, as evidenced by this article. Is the Manassas Park policy ever actually quoted in the article that is headlined “Manassas Park City School Board adds LGBTQ non-discrimination protections”? Nope. Seems like a glaring omission. But I have never actually seen ANY quotations of proposed or passed LGBT-related policies in any of The Loudoun Times‘ articles on the subject. So, I’m starting to think it is a purposeful omission.

I looked it up in the LCPS school board agenda documents, and you can read a summary of the pertinent school board meeting HERE. It’s clever how activists tried two different ways to create special protections for gender identity and sexual orientation (sexuality). The first was to add the two terms to the EEO statement. That motion failed in a 4-5 vote. And the second method was to use anti-discrimination policies regarding biological sex as a way to slide in special protections for gender identity and sexual orientation. (Motion failed 3-7.) The argument was that homosexuals who behave publicly in certain ways so as to express their sexuality are being discriminated against based on their failure to conform to sex-based stereotypes. This argument is made in the Dear Colleague letter presented to the school board.

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In other words, since this boy is attracted to males, but most boys are attracted to females, he is being called mean names because he is different from the stereotypical boy.

The issue, of course, particularly if you talk to boys and men, is not that gay boys/men aren’t actively attracted to females–it’s WHAT THEY LIKE TO DO (or WOULD LIKE TO DO) WITH MALES that is the problem. To put it bluntly, it’s the sexual ACTS that gay men do with each other that arouses disgust and hostility in some heterosexual males.

Now, we could ask ourselves why some males are disgusted and hostile towards males who want to engage in various homosexual activity. A common answer put forth is homophobia. But this is simplistic–it’s just a label that means fear of homosexuals or homosexuality. It doesn’t actually answer the question WHY? Why would a heterosexual male feel this way? And so the common answers for this would be things like religion and upbringing (“ignorance” or “brainwashing”). And although these things could definitely be reasons why some boys and men are against homosexuality in general, it doesn’t explain the visceral reaction many of them have against the physical acts of homosexuality. In fact, without deliberate desensitizing and purposeful grooming on the topic, most boys are grossed out when they discover some men like to engage in sexual activity with other males. Disgust is a natural reaction. And THIS is something rarely talked about. In fact, it is blatantly ignored most of the time, and if it does come up it is blamed on…..you guessed it: homophobia. It is circular reasoning every time.

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