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WARNING: Due to explicit language of a sexual nature, this post may not be safe for work or school settings, and it is definitely not appropriate for kids.

The mainstreaming of homosexuality and its associated sexual acts have made gender nonconformity more stigmatizing, not less. One survey shows Americans became less accepting of LGBT in 2017 compared to the preceding three years.

A boy who is different—more gentle, quieter, enjoys more stereotypical “girly” things—is perceived to be gay because so many “out and proud” gay men openly enjoy girly things and express effeminate mannerisms. The gentle boy has been sexualized.

In the same way, a girl who is rough and loud and bold and into “boy things” is perceived to be a lesbian when many years ago she would have just been seen as a tomboy. Now the gender nonconforming girl might be called “butch” or “dyke” or any other number of labels. The tomboy has been sexualized.

And guess whose fault this is?

LGBT activism. Here’s why:

A boy who appears to be a bit effeminate (or even just less masculine than other boys) is presumed to be gay thanks to the mainstreaming of homosexuality. What sort of pressure does such a nonconformist boy receive from the gay community itself that he is (or will be or should be) gay? Or that he is really “a girl on the inside”?

“It’s okay to be gay!” “Just come out of the closet!” “I behaved just like that and then I came out to my mom that I was gay (or that I am really a girl)!”

Thanks to that pressure, how many boys put on a hyper-masculine “show,” act out, or otherwise misbehave in order to prove to others (or even themselves) that they aren’t actually gay?

Boys shouldn’t have to feel pressure to prove that they aren’t into sodomitical acts with other males simply because they aren’t rough-and-tumble or hyper-heterosexual. And boys should not be shamed as “homophobic” just because they don’t want to be perceived as gay.

Any stigma about being gay has very little to do with gender nonconformity and sexism. It has to do with the sexual acts between gay men.

This is the 800lb gorilla in the middle of the room that everyone wants to tiptoe around.

Some of the tiptoe-ers recognize this, and so they are working to desensitize kids and groom them out of their natural visceral reaction to homosexual acts through the public school family life education curriculum. Case-in-point: Fairfax County. They are working to desensitize boys and girls to anal sex as early as eighth grade. These are 13 year old kids who can’t consent to sexual acts of any kind for another 2 years. The goal is to groom these kids into accepting anal sex as a perfectly normal and healthy sexual behavior. A group of concerned Fairfax County residents has evaluated the Family Life Education curriculum and their findings are shocking.

Already a media publication aimed towards female minors, Teen Vogue, is encouraging teen girls to embrace this sex act. The subtle message being sent to girls is that males may become bored with the female reproductive system, therefore females need to be open to a variety of other sexual activities for the enjoyment of their sexual partner.

Boys who may be struggling through puberty and male friendships might be groomed to believe that anal sex is a perfectly healthy and normal expression of love for another male, when instead love for another male should be presumed to be brotherly, not sexual. Boys should not be made to feel that affection with their male friends is possibly of a sexual nature.

The hyper-sexuality in our culture today is tainting healthy friendships and blurring the line between love and eroticism. It is turning the human body into a machine to be sexually enjoyed by others in whatever way they like so long as there is consent. But the rectum is not a sex organ and for good reasons it should not be treated as one, and minors should not be trained to regard it as a sex organ.

The fact that Fairfax County adults are trying to desensitize and groom minors into accepting sodomy should have parents up in arms. This is PERVERTED, and this is PREDATORY. These people need to be named and shamed: “You are a pervert, and you need to stay away from children.”

One thought on “My theory: LGBT Activism has led to increased “homophobia”

  1. Well said!
    I think there is limited time left in this country where this sort of expression of thought will be legal, the next time the Liberals get into power, I expect real changes with respect to the first amendment rights we take for granted.


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