Warning: Sexually Explicit Language.


Today I went to a shopping center in Herndon and spoke with immigrants outside of the various stores for nearly two hours. What became quite clear to me was how vulnerable this population is to the agenda of the radical ideologues on the Fairfax County School Board and FLE Curriculum Advisory Committee.

The people I spoke with, including parents of FCPS students, had no idea what “Family Life Education” is. They had no idea about the FCPS policies and curriculum surrounding gender identity.

Considering there are up to EIGHTY HOURS of FLE lessons throughout a child’s K-12 education, what’s the likelihood that busy working parents with multiple kids are going to even have the time to carefully examine and consider every paper that comes home with their kids if it isn’t something required to be signed and turned in? This is the problem with automatic FLE enrollment–it lacks informed consent. If what a school district will be teaching to kids would legally qualify as obscenity in any other venue outside of public school, don’t you think the very least they could do is get informed consent from the parents before teaching it?

The immigrant population is particularly vulnerable to government abuses for several reasons:

  1. Language barriers and/or literacy issues.
  2. Some may lack immigration/identification documents and therefore do not want to call attention to themselves.
  3. Many grew up in countries rife with government corruption and abuse, and therefore will be afraid to dissent, especially if #1 & #2 apply to their individual situation as well.

So, what the Fairfax County School Board, including its FLE Curriculum Advisory Committee, is doing is taking advantage of the fact that a large percentage of parents have no idea what is going on with regards to FLE and SOGI (sexual orientation & gender identity) policies, and they wouldn’t know what to do about it anyway even if they were made aware of them.

Parents should be empowered to take a more involved role in the educating of their children regarding sensitive topics such as human sexuality and reproduction which means FLE should be opt-in rather than opt-out, and parents should have at least one alternative curriculum from which to choose. #ChoiceInFLE

The secular sexual ideology that is clearly a product of white privileged Leftists is being implemented on black and brown children, many of whom live in homes where the parents are totally in the dark about what sorts of extreme things are being taught in a program that goes clearly beyond the label of “Family Life Education.” (Check out some of the county’s disparities HERE.) Religious children of all ethnicities are being scandalized and traumatized with sexually explicit information.  Heck, kids don’t need to be religious at all to be scandalized and traumatized by all this stuff. Children of all backgrounds are losing their sex-based rights to privacy and to Title IX athletics programs in favor of gender identity policies that treat biological sex as meaningless.

The Fairfax County School Board and FLECAC really should be ashamed of themselves. They’re running roughshod over so many families in pursuit of a radical ideological agenda that sexualizes children and grooms them to consent to sexual activity even before it is legal to do so. Tell me, Dr. Payne, how do you plan on explaining to 14 year olds what constitutes “high risk behavior” that would justify taking a daily pharmaceutical like Truvada? What are you going to say?  “Well, boys, if you ever plan on letting men sodomize you and you don’t know their HIV status, you might want to consider taking this pill every single day.”  Something like that?

Yeah, maybe you should instead focus on why so many teen boys, particularly black boys, are being infected with HIV. What are you doing to PROTECT THEM from being sodomized in the first place?  Oh, that’s right, you’re too busy normalizing anal sex and teenage sexual activity to concentrate on what is a very serious problem: HIV-positive men sodomizing teenage boys.



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