Time for some truth bombs. One of the nastiest things political activists will do is try to shame people by associating their lack of pro-____ activism with violence against ____ people.

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Go here for full article: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-the-transgender-murder-rate-reveals-the-ugly-lie-of-acceptance-10

This headline is a huge clue about the grand manipulation that the Daily Beast is attempting to pull off on naive readers: “the Ugly Lie of ‘Acceptance’.”

Immediately, readers who believe themselves to be accepting of transgender people are being told that it’s not good enough.

The headline mentions the “transgender murder rate.” Of course, no rate is actually provided in the article. Just the number “four.” Four transgender people killed in 2018, and it isn’t clear that they were killed BECAUSE they were transgender. According to the article, last year’s tally was 28. And yes, the author of the article went from using the word “rate” to the word “tally.” This may just be a math deficit on the part of the author. Or a deliberate obfuscation.

Remember, no rate is actually ever provided. But we can come up with one because the author of the article (who is transgender) says there are 1.4 million transgender people in America.

Do you know what the murder rate for transgender people was in 2017? All you need to do is divide 28 by 1.4 million. …. 0.002%

If the current rate of 2018 continues (4 deaths every 6 weeks), then we are looking at a total of 35 murders of transgender individuals for the entire year.  So, that becomes 0.0025%. This would clearly be an elevated rate, but we can also predict that the number of people who identify as transgender will also increase (since it consistently has over the years), and at least proportionate to the increased murder rate.

So, let’s see what the author tries to do to guilt these readers into blaming themselves for the deaths of these individuals….

The author says that people who date transgender people often feel shame about the relationship and that this shame propels them to be violent towards their transgender partners. No evidence is provided to justify making such a claim: that shame makes men kill the transgender-identified males they sleep with.

The author then moves on to talk about transgender people being unemployed, poor, and not being able to use opposite-sex bathrooms. And then says something about the military ban.

The rest of the article isn’t even worth commenting on.

And yet you are supposed to come away from it feeling ashamed that you are a part of the reason why transgender people are in such mortal peril at the hands of violent transphobes.

But let me let you in on a little secret—the murder rate for men is over 3% and for women is 1%. Transgender people? 0.002%. Let that soak in. Transgender people are LESS LIKELY to be killed than anyone else in America (and in the world, for that matter).

So, why are you feeling guilty for not DOING ENOUGH? Stop, and ask yourself why such a group would need to lie so blatantly if what they are demanding is perfectly reasonable?

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